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PufCreativ is proud to provide its clients with award-winning and community-focused cannabis branding, design, development, digital marketing and consulting services. Our B2B, B2C, and fully vertically-integrated clients in both the hemp and cannabis industries find value in our full spectrum of services because they are backed by years of experience.

Branding is a key ingredient to your marketing platform. You want your logo, tagline, color scheme and overall voice to be as consistent as possible and to communicate your cannabis brand’s true identity. Whether you are a dispensary, farm or anything in between, let us help you make a mark in the MMJ or CBD market with our logo design and branding development.

Learn more about our logo design and branding process here.

Capture your customer at the point of sale. Our cannabis packaging design team will work together to create packaging, labels and POP displays that stand out. Whether it’s a complex artsy vibe or a clean and sharp look, we’ll give your marijuana or dispensary packaging a competitive edge.

Learn more about our packaging design process here.

Trademarking is crucial to your operations because it ensures the protection of the invaluable (and often extensive) intellectual property that is involved with your cannabis company. Perhaps just as important as marking your brand for authorized use, trademarking protects your brand in case of unauthorized uses from outside entities. Our expert team here at PufCreativ also specializes in trademarking services that fit the individual needs of your brand, helping it emerge into the world in the right way.

Learn more about our Trademarking process here.

Marijuana and CBD brands require a consistent and balanced social media presence that battles the day to day challenges of social media channel updates and algorithms.

PufCreativ will grow your dispensary or medical marijuana brand’s following, engagement and lead generation through our cannabis social network of influencers and well-researched marijuana hashtags.

Learn more about our cannabis social media marketing and management services here.

Your marijuana website is your digital storefront and a direct reflection of your brand. A user-friendly, engaging and responsive website can and will generate revenue for your cannabis brand. Our web team handles marijuana-specific website development, e-commerce, technical support and ongoing WordPress maintenance. Additionally, our reporting system lets you know how your website ranks within the marijuana and CBD industry and where you have room to grow.

Learn more about our CBD and marijuana website design and development process here.

Do you want to provide more value to your customers and improve customer loyalty, all while building a stronger brand and giving your cannabis dispensary or marijuana business a competitive edge? Utilize our custom Cannabis Mobile Application Development services!

Learn more about our cannabis app design and development process here.

With millions of websites competing for the top spot in search results, it can be difficult to drive traffic to your site from search engines. At PufCreativ we approach SEO from an all-encompassing perspective: from meta data and mobile optimization to site speed, link-building strategies, review incentive campaigns and much more. Our SEO program generates an ongoing flow of traffic to your website and ensures you are at the top of your audience’s search results.

Learn more about our SEO process here.

Let us help strategically and compliantly customize your cannabis, CBD or non-cannabinoid related e-commerce experience, all while emphasizing conversion rates and the customer journey. We work with a plethora of e-commerce platforms and third party integrations.

Learn more about our cannabis & eCommerce process here.

PufCreativ also offers PR (Public Relations) – which includes event coordination, content marketing, strategy development, and media relations -intended to help brands with such important aspects as creating and maintaining reputation/reach, performing vital market research, formulating press releases, etc.

Learn more about our cannabis PR process here.

We offer high resolution and high definition content creation that’s curated and strategic. From lifestyle photography to product photography and everything in between , we will give your marijuana brand a consistent and positive visual representation. Blogging, social media and promotional pieces are just a few places our cutting edge content can be put to use.

Learn more about our marijuana photography and content creation process here.

Our team of videographers are happy to document your event or dispensary storefront on location! Using 4k video cameras and drones we will give a unique perspective to anything put in front of us.

Want to take your website or advertisement to the next level? Let’s animate your designs to distinguish your brand in a competitive market!

Learn more about our video production and animation processes here.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money developing your marijuana brand and reputation. It’s critical we support your public image with top of the line digital/print cannabis ads and other marketing materials. We understand the creative steps from concept to delivery, utilizing an engaging and refreshing process to effectively communicate your brand’s message. It’s about having a vision, engaging with your client’s imagination and delivering beyond the expected.

Learn more about our marijuana graphic design process here.

Updating your website with content, posting on social media daily, and pushing out a monthly newsletter with consistent grammar, punctuation, and stylistic messaging is one of the most important aspects of any cannabis marketing or CBD advertising campaign. Let our copywriting, blogging and editing services keep your marketing assets and advertisements consistent.

Learn more about our Cannabis Copywriting & Blogging process here.

Bring your entire cannabis marketing platform together through a digital advertising program. Whether it’s Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media or Display Advertisements, we’ll find a solution that works for you and your B2B or B2C organization.

Learn more about our marijuana-specific targeted advertising and PPC process here.

Have you created an alignment between your sales and advertising? Does your sales team properly represent your brand? Are your marketing strategies producing results? At PufCreativ, we connect the dots and bring everything together.

Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or fully vertically-integrated: let’s start, grow, organize and legitimize your cannabis, hemp or CBD business – via our custom consulting, project management and business development packages.

Learn more about our cannabis sales and consulting process here.

At PufCreativ we design, build, send and track your email campaigns. Creating opt-in strategies and defining your segmented audiences, we deliver scheduled emails optimized for any browser. We then analyze your click-through rates and delegate leads to your appropriate departments.

Learn more about our dispensary email marketing process here.