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A Cannabis Graphic Design Agency

We are a team of expert graphic designers changing the perception of the cannabis plant through our premier creative abilities.

No matter what area of the cannabis or hemp industry your business is in, you’re surely going to need graphic design work done. We design everything from small digital display ads, to pitch decks, point-of-sale (POS) displays and billboards on the sides of highways.

Let our experienced marijuana graphic designers take any digital marketing or print marketing project to the next level through our creative process and perspective. We’re here to get your brand or dispensary noticed in the best way possible.

Why Should My Cannabis or Hemp Business Utilize An Agency That Specializes in Graphic Design?

first impression

Strong First Impression



competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

higher conversions

Higher Conversions

powerful messaging

Powerful Messaging

effective information sharing

Effective Information Sharing

Cannabis Graphic Design Case Study

Marshawn Lynch’s Dodi Blunts Brand needed assistance with POS display boxes, sales, promo and educational marketing materials.

We produced boxes that aligned with the company’s clean branding and differentiated between each strain type. Additionally, the print marketing and sales materials we made were utilized in dispensaries throughout the state of California.

Cannabis Graphic Design Case Study

It was an absolute pleasure working with Maren over at SheWeed CBD. She’s a rockstar and she has amazing CBD products to back it up. Her business was growing quickly so she needed help putting together a more formal investor presentation.

We created a more stylized and elegant investor deck that complimented her growth, vibe and stellar brand. We’re proud to be a part of SheWeed’s success.

Let’s get started on your graphic design project today!