CBD & Cannabis E-Commerce Services

We can create a customer CBD and cannabis e-commerce experience that is user-friendly and hyper-focused on conversion rates.

Whether you’re a CBD brand, cannabis dispensary or looking for a standard e-commerce online store, we work with all the major CMS and e-commerce platforms and third-party integrations. We adapt to your business goals to build successful e-commerce websites.

Let our development team customize and automate your customer journey so you continue to see higher customer retention and conversion rates. Need us to adapt to a third-party integration for your online ordering? No problem!

Why Should My CBD or Cannabis Business Utilize an Experienced E-Commerce Development Agency?

User Experience

Conversion Rate


Custom Functionality

Customer Retention

Integration Solutions

Cannabis E-Commerce Case Study

Lazy River Products

Lazy River Products is a fully integrated cannabis dispo in Massachusetts. Once we built their site, they wanted us to integrate Dutchie into their website.

In addition to successfully integrating the online ordering system, we were able to strategically place “Shop” call to actions throughout the site to help increase the conversation rates.

Cannabis E-Commerce Case Study

Hempstead Farms

Hempstead Farms is a CBD brand that has a variety of different products as well as a merch line. We were able to build out this brand’s custom e-commerce and customer journey through WooCommerce on a WordPress CMS.

Not only have we optimized the user experience and customer journey, but we’ve also been able to infuse the e-commerce with keywords for SEO purposes.

Cannabis E-Commerce Case Study

Just The Tip Accessories

JTTip is a cannabis accessory brand out of Miami, Florida. They utilize WooCommerce on WordPress CMS for their e-commerce store.

We’ve automated the customer journey through a series of strategic thresholds to increase customer retention. We’ve also optimized the entire user experience throughout the site to increase conversion rates.

Let’s get started on building or optimizing your e-commerce website today!