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Cannabis Video Production and Animation Specialists

Let our cannabis video and animation department increase the value, reach and conversions of your marketing and advertising efforts.

On average, marijuana animation and videography are the most effective pieces of content in both paid and organic marketing or advertising. We believe that as a cannabis or hemp brand, it’s your duty to educate your audience in the most effective way possible.

Our videographers and animators are here to help curate content that you can always be proud of. Our clients are extremely happy that we’re able to implement high-resolution edited videos on their websites, social media, newsletters and ads.

Why Should My Cannabis or Hemp Business Utilize Videography or Animation?

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Higher Sales And Conversions

cannabis video production services

SEO Benefits

cannabis video production services

Increased ROI

cannabis videography video production animation services

Effective Communication

marijuana industry videography video production animation services

Better Engagement

cannabis videography video production animation services

Encourages Social Media Share

Video & Animation Case Study

In addition to managing the Hunter Esquire SEO program, we take care of their Instagram social media management and design, which includes two monthly animations.

We’ve created animations in different formats and styles and discovered that the reels received a significant amount of more engagement. We’ve now customized the style and format of the reels to maximize reach for this niche cannabis and psychedelics executive search firm.

Video & Animation Case Study

We currently manage OraBliss’s SEO and blog programs, and we’ve also had the opportunity to create content for their social media and advertising, including animation work.

Our team was able to create a mix of animation concepts based on our creative direction sessions with OraBliss. These animations were top performers on their social media and ad campaigns.

Let’s create Video and Animation content for your cannabis brand today!