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Community Partners

Here are non-profits, associations and community organizations we work with that we suggest looking into!

Cannabis Doing Good is a platform to create opportunities for cannabis and communities to collaborate, inspire new ways of people, planet and business engagement, and showcase companies doing good.

We're proud to have co-founded the Cannabis Impact Fund. Our mission is to promote racial justice, heal the planet and support communities in need by leveraging a conscious cannabis sector.

Cannabis Creative Movement is an educational guidebook series designed to inform on key issues while providing fundraising opportunities for nonprofits focused on those concerns.

The Last Prisoner Project was formed by a coalition of cannabis industry leaders, executives, and artists dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry.

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) was founded in 1984 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to be the collective voice of rape crisis advocates across the state of Colorado.

To advance the industry by building consensus around best practices, promoting business responsibility and demonstrating to regulators what transparent and responsible regulations should look like.

40 Tons Brand is a social impact premium cannabis brand dedicated to freeing the prisoners that are locked up over unjust weed laws and then providing equity to them upon release.

Founded in 2010, Alesia Shute Foundation Inc is a public, societal benefit nonprofit focused on philanthropy, charity & voluntarism promotion.

ShoppingGives, the leading social impact commerce platform, is the turn-key solution for thousands of socially conscious brands including Coach, Steve Madden, GREATS and Neighborhood Goods, to accelerate their growth through integrated social impact.

The Cannabis Conservancy™ provides an internationally recognized Sustainability Certification, SIMPLY CERTIFIED, to Cannabis organizations that adhere to Good Agricultural Practices, are free of harmful chemical inputs, utilize waste reduction methods, are energy efficient, and conserve water. We offer our certifications globally.

Women Employed in Cannabis (WEIC) is an International Association for Women Working in Cannabis, Psychedelics, Hemp & CBD. They are advocates, sisters, cheerleaders and fighters working to ensure the industries are equitable, diverse, and inclusive. We proudly sponsor and manage their WEIC LGBTQAI+ Subgroup facebook page.

The Wake Up Project believes that we can use the power of wakeboarding to bring people together and truly change the world. We’re looking to change the way people view suicide and mental illness, as well as change the way people interact with those that are struggling with suicidal thoughts and/or mental illness.

pufcreativ partners bipocann logo

BIPOCANN's goal is improving the disproportional makeup of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) entrepreneurs, business owners, and contractors in the legal cannabis industry. They work to make the cannabis industry more accessible and profitable for under-represented populations in the industry through equitable policy advocacy, strategy consulting, and a growing national network designed to connect cannabis companies to diverse businesses and suppliers.

Founded in 2013, Realm of Caring (RoC) is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization known as the charity of choice for the cannabis industry. They serve anyone in need of more information about cannabinoid therapies. Through revolutionary research, innovative education, and empowering global community connections, RoC seeks to facilitate and encourage the mainstream acceptance of transformative, plant-powered therapies to benefit individuals and families and serve healthcare providers as well as the hemp and cannabis industries.

leaf 411 logo

Leaf411 was built on the belief that affordability and accessibility to professional medical advice should never be barriers to using cannabis safely and effectively. To further this mission, Leaf411 has created additional programs focused on community education and product affordability, creating partnerships that connect cannabis industry leaders and diverse community organizations across the country for social good.

The Full Spectrum’s mission is to enhance and sustain LGBTQ diversity, inclusion, and access within the cannabis industry and community. The Full Spectrum engages in the creation and production of beneficial resources, events and activities to expand cultural awareness, empower individuals, and strengthen community.

Tech Partner Integrations

Dispense helps manage, sell and scale your dispensary with cannabis eCommerce management software built around you. They make it easier for customers to find and shop your dispensary online with flexible eCommerce tools - all while strengthening your brand.

Grow your revenue and with a beautiful website, integrated e-commerce and powerful marketing. Build a standout dispensary with Tymber.

MJstack is your FREE answer to time consuming CannaTech vendor evaluations.

Tella is a Cannabis Shopper Marketing group empowering brands and retailers to tell their brand stories through unique digital merchandising displays featuring high-quality video content, powered by granular data analytics and business intelligence. Tella specializes in brand expansion consulting to new markets through a network of license partners and retailers in the states of CO, AZ, CA, NM, OR, WA, NV, MO, and MA.

Flourish is a leading seed-to-sale supply tracking and supply chain management platform built specifically for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. Companies that cultivate, extract, manufacture, distribute, or retail cannabis, CBD, or hemp use Flourish's software to drive their supply chain and retail operations, manage costs, and stay compliant. Find out more by visiting


The GreenScreens platform is a fully-integrated digital signage solution, specifically designed for the challenges of Cannabis retail operations.

Alpine is the leading data and marketing solutions provider for cannabis retailers and brands. AIQ empowers the legal cannabis industry by providing customer-focused technology to help retailers and cannabis brands of all sizes resolve growth challenges and generate revenue. The company provides customers with the industry’s most extensive suite of tools to protect, segment, and promote all in-store and online operations.

Alleaves is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that offers seed-to-sale tracking, helping in cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and delivery. They offer a full POS with integrated payments, all while maintaining transparency and clarity on real-time basis.

Happy Cabbage Analytics is a dispensary analytics, marketing, and operations platform powered by machine-learning.

leafbuyer leaf buyer technologies cannabis industry

Leafbuyer Technologies is the most comprehensive technology and communication software provider for the cannabis industry, giving dispensaries the tools to attract and retain consumers + process online orders – all with one platform.

Surfside is an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates your 1st party data across all customer touchpoints. Allowing advertisers the ability to better understand, target and measure how to influence current and future customers.

SafeReach helps cannabis businesses grow sales online and at retail through expert media delivery and detailed proprietary analytics tools that connect all media delivery back to real people and real sales.

Blaze's entire suite of dispensary software tools enables dispensary employees to increase sales, manage inventory, run promotions, and ensure business is working at maximum efficiency while optimizing the customer experience.

Flowhub is a Cannabis retail and payments software built to boost revenue, help dispensaries stay compliant, streamline operations, and sell more cannabis with full flexibility and control.

Cova streamlines compliance, simplifies the complex, and empowers cannabis retailers to deliver an unforgettable dispensary experience.

An AI budtender and e-commerce solution to help consumers buy the right cannabis.

Dutchie is an all-in-one technology platform powering the cannabis industry with Point of Sale, Ecommerce, Payments, and Insurance. Through our technology, we’re helping cannabis businesses start, operate, and grow with confidence.

Springbig is an advertising network unique to the cannabis industry that connects cannabis brands directly to consumers by giving your cannabis brand already on the shelves the ability to send sponsored text message marketing campaigns through Springbig's network of retail cannabis businesses.

By integrating with every industry POS system, Jane allows consumers to view and order products in real time before traveling to their local dispensary, allowing them to search for products by price, proximity or popularity.

Leafly is a website focused on cannabis use and education. The company says it has more than 120 million annual visitors and over 10 million monthly active users.

As a website and smartphone application, Weedmaps acts as a database that connects marijuana users to locally available dispensaries, strains, delivery services, and more.

CannaHauler is here to help businesses automate product transportation. We provide digital Metrc manifests and invoices which saves businesses money on paper/ink and labor costs while getting you paid faster

Canold is a cutting-edge company in the field of data science, predictive analytics, and business intelligence, exclusively dedicated to the cannabis industry. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating data from diverse sources in real time, including mandated state compliance tracking, point of sale, ERP, cultivation, to orchestrate automated reporting, minimize inefficiencies, streamline operations, and unveil invaluable insights.

Lit Alerts software crawls publicly available menu data every hour during business hours and aggregate that data into one easy to navigate spot. We give you a directional picture of the important activities happening in your market, including sales.


Seed is the leader of in-store digital engagement software for cannabis dispensaries. We specialize in providing TV menus and signage, self-service ordering on tablets and kiosks, and POS-integrated printed menus.

Automated and easy-to-use email marketing for dispensaries. Convert abandoned carts, retarget inactive customers, generate Google Reviews and send customized order confirmations.


Lit Alerts software crawls publicly available menu data every hour during business hours and aggregate that data into one easy to navigate spot. We give you a directional picture of the important activities happening in your market, including sales.


Automated and easy-to-use email marketing for dispensaries. Convert abandoned carts, retarget inactive customers, generate Google Reviews and send customized order confirmations.


Strategic Partners

relix live music publication magazine

Founded in Grateful Dead parking lots in 1974, Relix is the longest continuously published music magazine in the United States and the only print publication dedicated to reporting on the growing live music scene. By the 1980s, Relix rapidly expanded into a full print music publication covering a wide variety of artists and genres. Today, Relix is regarded as the voice of the live music scene and has become the go-to source for all music news, reviews, livestreams, and festival/concert announcements.

point seven group cannabis consulting firm

Point7 provides management consulting services to the commercial cannabis industry. We’ve developed a holistic service offering that addresses our clients’ business needs from pre-application strategy, through licensing, facility and operational setup, compliance, expansion, and exit. We develop strong personal relationships with each client, and create a custom roadmap for their unique business needs.

mason jar event group cannabis events

At Mason Jar Event Group, we combine a blend of Colorado’s finest indulgences for experiences that unite a community of discerning individuals in unique urban and rural settings—our preferred venues truly inspire the senses. Join us and enjoy a farm-to-table meal crafted by James Beard Award Winning Chefs, while sipping seasonal beverages, all thoughtfully paired with choice cannabis strains; spend an afternoon unwinding with our inspired yoga events, or discover new music in unrivaled settings.

okok ok ok creative cannabis social media influencers

We are ok ok creative: a pair of creatives that shares a passion for helping brands make their mark on the cannabis community through content creation, influencer marketing, social media strategy, and real-life experiences. We specialize in content creation, influencer marketing, and authentic social media strategies. we’re here to help you look good online and foster a loyal community for your brand.

resource innovation institute cannabis agriculturea

Resource Innovation Institute advances resource efficiency to create a better agricultural future from our insights about innovation in the cannabis economy. We facilitate Best Practices, Standards and Benchmarking solutions by facilitating peer-reviewed education, advocating for effective policies and programs, and providing unique resource reporting that informs the industry.

In addition to helping our clients focus on the business we align them with our Client Advantage Attorneys that can help tighten indemnity language and give feedback on current contracts to help protect clients and make the risk more attractive to underwriters to grant the best coverage for the clients needs in that period of the businesses life cycle.

eighth revolution logo

8th Revolution is an intelligence service provider, providing solutions to support the industry post cultivation. The hemp and cannabis industry is faced with endless, ever-changing challenges, so our goal is to help those in the industry understand how their short-term decisions can have long-term effects on their businesses. From the get-go, our company motto/ has been “Doing our part to help the industry move forward”. The industry is ever changing and to our core we are problem solvers.

From The 9th Block of Denver, Colorado comes a full-service marketing and communications firm tailored to cannabis, healthcare and technology. We are inspired creative thinkers, fervent strategists, and strong communicators. But most of all, we’re people. We take a human-centric approach toward building your business and focus on driving progress for your brand in the long term, rather than planning for one-off successes.

jambase logo

JamBase is the premier online publisher for news about live music events and editorial music content. For over 20 years, JamBase been helping promoters, venues, festivals, record labels, and a diverse range of brands create impactful, customized, low-cost advertising campaigns to raise awareness using our in-house software, strong web, and social media presence. JamBase takes the guesswork out of reaching an engaged audience of enthusiastic tastemakers, over 70% of whom self identify as being cannabis users.

chatter club cannabis social media influencers PR

The Chatter Club is a creatively-driven communication collective specializing in the sectors of publicity, social media, design and experiential. We strive to disrupt the typical ‘agency model’ by revolutionizing the service-based industry and building up brands we truly believe in and ethically align with. We bring brands to life through a full 360-marketing approach from start to finish that captures and measures creative campaigns in ways that actually matter.

wherez hemp logo

A cannabis tourism and lifestyle brand that specializes in immersion experiences of the industry with an educational focus. Offering private, custom tours geared towards first-time consumers, regular consumers, industry investors, and medical patients. Gain inside access to some of Denver's most innovative cannabis business and learn how to select products and strains based on the desired effect you are looking to achieve or ailment you are looking to combat.

city sessions denver cannabis tours

A cannabis tourism and lifestyle brand that specializes in immersion experiences of the industry with an educational focus. Offering private, custom tours geared towards first-time consumers, regular consumers, industry investors, and medical patients. Gain inside access to some of Denver's most innovative cannabis business and learn how to select products and strains based on the desired effect you are looking to achieve or ailment you are looking to combat.

SWEET JANE is the briefing on all things cannabis for women and mothers. As a print and online media brand SWEET JANE reports on cannabis and creates educational content to aid new consumers without intimidation.

bespoke financial logo

At Bespoke Financial, we are proud to call ourselves the first fintech lender with a focus on funding the future of cannabis. Founded in 2018, we work with our clients to provide access to working capital so they can scale, grow and prosper. We provide a wide array of products including inventory financing, invoice financing, dispensary financing and a general line of credit.

tekisha harvey cannabis consulting

TH Consulting is a consumer focused strategy firm. Starting with our deep knowledge of the consumer, we build brand and marketing strategies that connect cannabis brands to their target audiences.

Dank City is your source for all things cannabis and the leader in cannabis news, culture, and entertainment. They are a community of writers and editors that take pride in cannabis education.

Media, marketing, and culture. Established in 2011, Respect My Region is a grassroots cannabis, music, and lifestyle media platform and marketing agency. RMR creates a diverse array of localized content and works with clients across the country with their operations based out of Seattle and Los Angeles.

irie wedding and events mobile budtending

Having served cannabis to over 45,000 guests, Irie Weddings & Events is the largest mobile budtending provider in the nation. Our cannabis bar services include the latest technology and smokeless options, ensuring there is something for novice and seasoned consumers alike.

pufcreativ partners learn brands

Learn Brands is an online learning platform designed specifically for the cannabis industry, to help brands educate and sample dispensary employees. Learn Brands offers a number of training solutions, brand supported educational content, student reporting and sampling opportunities.

Work in the cannabis industry? Get the news, analysis, and insights you need in your inbox from former industry operator, Kaitlin Domangue, every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

House of Fuego is the combined marketing effort of long-time cannabis professionals, Jax Barboa (they/them) & Nicole Sabilia (she/her). The team puts out top shelf creative and strategies for brands, executives & campaigns of all sizes. Fuego ensures no detail, concept, or compliance concern is left unaccounted for.

Life science consulting in cannabis and psychedelics. Our firm provides expert services from experimental design to technical project management and investor due diligence.

The podcast where contributory experts in cannabis and psychedelics discuss science, business, and policy.

Andrew DeAngelo is a unique leader who builds organizations from the ground up. He is the co-founder of Harborside Inc., a publicly traded cannabis company. He is the co-founder for the non-profit, Last Prisoner Project. And he is the co-founder of the California Cannabis Industry Association trade organization.