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Cannabis & CBD SEO Experts

Our team of SEO experts has years of experience and success in driving organic niche traffic to cannabis and CBD websites across the globe.

With so much current competition and surely more on the horizon, it’s important that your cannabis dispensary, marijuana delivery or CBD brand ranks on search engines for keywords that align with your target market.

Our customized CBD and cannabis SEO solutions/strategies will increase your site’s organic traffic, domain authority, internal links, backlinks and competitiveness in keyword searches. We provide monthly analytics to back up our work!

Why Should My Cannabis Dispensary or Marijuana Brand Utilize PufCreativ’s SEO Services?

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Increase Organic Traffic

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Better User Experience

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Trust and Credibility

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Better Understanding of Consumer

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Higher Conversion Rates

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Learn More About Your Business

SEO Case Study

In addition to designing, developing and managing the 906 Fire Station website, we’ve also managed their SEO program for the past few years.

906 has multiple locations, and so we strategize their SEO around each store, while creating a ton of room for onpage optimization, offpage optimization, as well as internal backlinks and external backlinks

SEO Case Study

We take pride that we started the Lazy River Products project from the very beginning! From their branding, to their website, we’ve watched this business flourish. A lot of their success comes from their SEO program that we started months before their launch.

Lazy River now ranks #1 in the state and surrounding states for a majority of their keyword goals and has seen steady monthly increases in their organic website traffic. We were also able to strategically optimize their site around their unique cannabis retail location.


Let’s get started on increasing your cannabis business's website traffic today!