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About Us

Going on our 6th year of delivering quality marketing and brand development, our passionate team of creatives is proudly devoted to making a difference for the plant, for our clients, and for the future of the cannabis industry. Our marketing services go above and beyond, assisting B2B, B2C, and MSO clients from all over the country.

Want to see for yourself? The awards we’ve won for our clients and community work reflect our commitment to enhancing cannabis brands while progressing our creative craft along the way.

john shute pufcreativ ceo

John Shute

CEO & Co-Founder

John Shute, a graduate of Norwich University’s MBA Project Management Program, has revolutionized the cannabis marketing landscape. Specializing in innovative strategies for B2B, B2C, and client communications, he is the visionary CEO behind PufCreativ. Under his leadership, PufCreativ has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, including the EMJAY International Cannabis Marketing “Branding and Marketing Agency of the Year” Award in 2023, two CLIO Awards in the same year, and ADCANN’s coveted “Agency of the Year” title, won twice. Additionally, John’s outstanding contributions have earned him the esteemed titles of “Marketer of the Year” by ADCANN and “CEO of the Year” by CEO Monthly in 2020 and 2022 respectively.

pufcreativ team shamus lahman president

Shamus Lahman

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Shamus is a multidisciplinary creative who’s delivers effective and engaging solutions across brand identity, print, packaging, and digital media since 2012. Shamus’s rounded skillset help with implementing clear direction and execution from start to finish. Also the eye behind the camera, Shamus’s vision brings our clients ideas to life.

Katie Burrell

VP, COO & Co-Founder

Katie Burrell is a cannabis professional and partaker who has been trailblazing her own path as an entrepreneur, creator and activist in the cannabis space for 7+ years. Over the course of her career, she has specialized in social media marketing, strategy and business development. She has found that the use of intentional, researched, and hyper-curated social media marketing produces authentic and sustainable results. In fact, this approach is what won her AdCann’s Marketer of the Year 2022. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, she aims to encourage other queer people to join the cannabis space. A devoted ‘animal mom’, Katie likes to spend her free time with her two cats, Thuja and Alani, and adventuring with her coffee-coated pup, Beans.

ben stewart pufcreativ team

Ben Stewart

Director of Web

Since graduating with a degree in Graphic Communication from Northern Michigan University, Ben has been on a mission to refine his artistic repertoire in any field put in front of him. A seasoned WordPress developer and SEO whiz, he got his foot in the door of the design world by freelancing as a videographer and social media manager for a variety of industries. Ben is an avid traveler with a passion for photography, and the overlap of influences from his design, development, videography and photography backgrounds are clear in any work he produces.

andrey krymchanskiy pufcreativ team

Andrey Krymchansky


With 5+ years experience in the cannabis industry, Andrey is proud to be doing his part to remove the stigma that has been associated with this incredible plant for far too long. His commitment to boundless creativity, the highest quality of content and journalistic integrity drive him to help your brand develop its personal shine. Andrey is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, and loves to explore nature with his wife McKenzie, his daughter Katerina, and their mischievous furry creatures, Lucy & Stubby.

pufcreativ team andrew flees

Andrew Flees

Social Media Manager & Director of Animation

Andy is a dedicated landscape photographer at heart and his passion extends far beyond being behind the lens. Well-versed in graphic design, animation and social media management, he brings an attention to detail and an outside-of-the-box point of view to every project, big or small. Starting his career in social media by sharing his love for nature on his personal Instagram account, he has blossomed from photographer, to social media guru, to full time content creator.

allison nickel shute pufcreativ legal advisor

Allison Nickels Shute

Legal Advisor

Allison is an experienced attorney with a demonstrated history of growing and developing strong relationships across industries. She helps businesses stay informed and legally compliant as the regulated cannabis industry continues to evolve. She is skilled in civil litigation with a particular focus on business, real estate, contract, licensing and cannabis law. Allison is passionate about setting her clients up for success by providing secure legal consultations in the realm of licensing, contracts, legal strategies, business formations, expansions and acquisitions.

pufcreativ team cam rizai

Cam Rizai

Sales & CRM Specialist

Cam is a young and tenacious employee who specializes in customer relationship management and sales. Working and studying the new age of digital marketing is a point of interest for Cam. He believes that digital marketing is important now more than ever due to the ever-changing ways our future generations consume information. Cam immerses himself into the heartbeat of digital consumers in order to effectively match marketing strategies with our clients. Outside of work, Cam is a large proponent of social and philanthropic causes. He also enjoys the arts, nature and his Bernese Mountain Dog Nugget.

Chelsea Bates

Office Administrator & Social Media Manager

Chelsea is a recent graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. With a passion for creativity, communication, and organization, Chelsea has found herself dedicated and exhilarated to be growing in the world of social media management. Authenticity is the number one thing she stands by. She’s passionate about helping clients to reflect that same standard in their social media. Aside from her work, Chelsea loves to spend her free time in nature, hitting up electronic dance music shows and festivals, and in meditation and intuition practices.

pufcreativ team kashawn stroman branding design intern

Kashawn Stroman

Branding & Design Intern

Kashawn is a current graduate student at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. There he is a design students focused on branding and product design. He has a passion for all things creative and is looking to take his experience into the cannabis world. Kashawn lives by the code, “Everything Happens For A Reason”. He hopes to utilize his internship with Pufcreativ to expand not only his creative techniques but his knowledge about the business marketing sectors as well. When not behind a computer you can find Kashawn riding his motorcycle, exploring nature, or just hangin with his friends.

pufcreativ team chelle winn social media manager content creator

Chelle Winn

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

A graduate from Rowan University with bachelor degrees in PR and Advertising, Chelle has made headway in social media, design and promotions. With a love for the cannabis and music industries, Chelle continues to combine the two worlds on multiple social media platforms through her one of a kind content creation and social media management. On her spare time she is a flow artist and enjoys traveling, attending and promoting festivals, spending time with her coffee-coated pup Beans and her two cats, Thuja and Alani.

pufcreativ team patrick cathcart website design developer

Patrick Cathcart

Web & SEO Specialist

Graduating with a degree in Photography from Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Patrick has since worked professionally as a web designer and developer, visual designer, photographer and videographer. He originally got started in the creative world by working in a small print shop, and has been expanding his artistic skillset from that point on. Patrick’s passion for creativity and detail are apparent in the work he produces here at PufCreativ and in any other artistic outlet put in front of him.

ali hinman and balloons

Ali Hinman


Ali is a creative communication specialist with over 7 years of experience in freelance writing. She started as a way to make money in college and grew to love connecting with people from all over. She has written personal essays, editorials, product reviews, news articles, blog posts, and even stand-up comedy. She hopes to bring a personable and approachable voice to client’s copy that will allow their customers to feel welcomed to the world of cannabis.

Kara Adams

Social Media Community & Engagement

Kara is in her third year pursuing a degree in Public Relations from the University of Florida. If there’s one thing she’s learned in her studies, it’s the importance of genuine connection between a business and its clients. While social media can sometimes feel manufactured, she uses these platforms to engage, connect and build relationships. Through her experience volunteering for nonprofits, she has fine-tuned her social media skills to help these organizations grow their audience and expand their message. In Kara’s free time, you’ll find her spending time outside (especially near the water), hitting the library, or taking photos of her dog.

Awards & Nominations

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Gentlemen Smugglers 2023

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Gentlemen Smugglers - 2023

Best Website

Rebel Spirit - 2023

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adcann ad cann award cannabis agency of the year nominee 2019

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