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Cannabis Trademarking

Let our trademarking team ensure the protection of your company.

Trademarking is crucial to your operations because it ensures the protection of the invaluable (and often extensive) intellectual property that is involved with your cannabis company. Perhaps just as important as marking your brand for authorized use, trademarking protects your brand in case of unauthorized uses from outside entities. Our expert team here at PufCreativ also specializes in trademarking services that fit the individual needs of your brand, helping it emerge into the world in the right way.

Why Should My Business Utilize Cannabis Trademarking Services?

Legal Protection

Ensure Authenticity

Exclusive Rights

Prevent Counterfeits

Added Prestige

Foreign Trademark Filing

Trademarking Case Study

Bowlz is one the most unique brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with, their products and concepts are cutting edge and so is their team. Puf was responsible for helping them trademark their company in the proper way, protecting their effort and output well into the future.

Let's get started with your trademark today!