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A Cannabis Packaging Design Agency

We are a team of packaging design experts with years of experience of creating custom packaging designs that stand out on cannabis dispensary shelves as well as online.

It’s important to execute a detailed competitor analysis and learn as much as possible about both the product and target consumer. We learn the ins and outs of your business so we can design packaging that attracts consumers at first glance.

Most consumers make their purchasing decisions based on packaging design. Let our team of creatives compliment your exceptional products with custom packaging that gives you a competitive edge.

Why Should My Cannabis Business Utilize An Agency That Specializes In Cannabis Packaging Design?

first impression

Brand Reinforcement


Reflection of Product Quality

competitive advantage

Connect With Your Target Market

higher conversions

Stand Out On Shelves

powerful messaging

Compliance Information

effective information sharing

Creative Marketing Opportunity

Cannabis Packaging Design Case Study

In addition to creating the logo design for San Diego, California based Milestone Hemp, we also had the opportunity to design their packaging. Their goal was to have their smokable hemp prerolls on gas station shelves across the country, while simultaneously standing out online to make ecommerce sales.

Our team of cannabis packaging design experts landed on a very clean and bold design that took inspiration from the classics, while respecting the branding we created and providing an opportunity for Milestone Hemp to stand out from the rest.

Cannabis Packaging Design Case Study

In addition to creating the logo and branding for Minerva, we were also responsible for their edible packaging design. We had to adapt to the tin’s unique shape while keeping in mind the tins could be placed in different areas of California dispensaries.

We delivered a bright and colorful design that makes a statement while showing praise to the brand guidelines we carefully curated. These tins and labels will stand out no matter where they are located in a cannabis dispensary, even if the lights are out!

Let’s get started on creating your world-class cannabis packaging design today!