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Tag: Digital Marketing

dispensary marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales Alignment

  If you’re not going to create an alignment between your sales and marketing strategies, then why bother? It’s no secret the most successful businesses

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pufcreativ cbd marketing

PufCreativ Today

My experience thus far as a Co-Founder of PufCreativ has been nothing short of interesting. Some days I can’t even believe we have come as

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marketing - communication

Marketing and Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important factors for the success of any business, company, and organization. It’s also a key ingredient to a

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relationships and marketing

Marketing and Relationships

One of the of the most challenging aspects of marketing involves customer relations. While it is of great importance to provide top quality marketing services

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cannabis cbd seo search engine optimization

Hello SEO

You may have heard the term SEO thrown around at your last business meeting, or maybe even seen it in a promotional add on Facebook.

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cannabis marketing blog

Cannabis and Marketing

Some may be scared to admit it, but cannabis plays a major role in modern marketing. A few of the most successful and innovative marketing platforms

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cannabis social media management

Social Media 101

Social Media is a key ingredient to a successful marketing platform. It gives you the power to engage with your customers and following, while simultaneously

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cannabis video production videography

Video Campaign Formula

Video marketing is a growing trend that can take your brand to a whole new level. In 2017, videos will account for 74% of all

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