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Creating content for a marketing platform is not as easy as one may think. Each brand, company and organization requires a particular type of content in order to properly communicate their message and promote their product or service.

PufCreativ’s content creation comes from our internal efforts, as well as the utilization of our network all over the world. Instead of just posting our own work or stock images, we like to feature our friends, family and colleagues who have something special to show the world.

What Is Content?

Content is the pictures, videos, designs, and verbiage you fill your marketing platform with. Quality, consistent and balanced content will lead to an increase in sales and a loyal customer base. If you look at any of the top businesses in the country, they all have amazing content embedded within their marketing platform.

In modern marketing, content is everything. We post high resolution pictures and videos on social media pages to establish a positive reputation, be informative, be engaging, and drive traffic to ours or other websites. Search engines will even rank businesses higher for frequent quality content. No one is going to read a blog, go to your social media page, or visit your website without great catchy content.

How Do I Create Content On My Own?

There are many different ways to create your own content for yourself or business. If you don’t have a background in graphic design, don’t stress. There are plenty of free and user friendly design programs to get you started, like Canva. If design is just completely out of your spectrum, like it is mine, then you should get a nice camera to take high resolution content. Although our #1 rule is to post high resolution content, the new iPhones and Droids seem to do a great job with quality pictures and videos.

Be as creative as possible with your content generation. Content is much more beneficial when it creates a distinction between your business and your competitors. We have a lot of fun when we create content for our clients. Whether it’s going on a snowboard trip or setting up our in-house studio, we always seem to find creative ways to capture our clients products. On top of product shots, we enjoy creating action sports, music, or lifestyle videos in order to captivate our clients’ audiences and diversify our subject matter. Videos seem to be performing extremely well on our social media advertisements.

I’ve Created My Content. Now what?

Now that you have content to expose, you’re going to want to create a social media and/or website page. The best way to utilize your content is to have a purpose and message behind each particular content item.

We find that writing a blog can be the most effective strategy for content exposure. Not only will the blog help with your search engine optimization, but it will give your customers more of a reason to go to your website. You can post the blog picture on social media with a little teaser blurb to capture your audience’s attention. Then you can direct the viewer directly to the blog link. This will ultimately drive more traffic to your website and higher your chances of making a sale.

Please keep in mind that you can never have enough content. Even posting high resolution creative pictures or video of your product or service with a catchy short blurb can drive traffic to your website and create brand awareness. Remember, the more quality content the better!