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Our Favorite Cannabis and Hemp Business Directories

our favorite cannabis hemp businesses directories seo blog

If you caught one of our recent blogs, Our Favorite Cannabis and Hemp Friendly Advertisers To Work With In 2021, you’re already aware of the fact that PufCreativ ultimately strives to collaborate with a variety of partners in order to help fuel the fire of our clients’ success. We’re constantly navigating around goals, budgets, and timelines to find strategic niche solutions that cater to each client’s business models. It’s fulfilling to see our branding, websites, packaging, SEO, social media and other services tied together by our partners’ solutions.

Beyond connecting clients with partners who specialize in driving direct paid traffic to their websites, we’re also proud to work with a number of cannabis and hemp friendly directories. These directories can assist businesses and consumers in finding precisely what they are searching for, all in one central location.

We encourage our clients to create profiles on certain directories according to their niche; not only do these directories help our clients be more competitive, but they also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Read on as we describe some benefits of working with cannabis and hemp friendly directories, while highlighting some of our favorites!

How Would My Business Benefit from Utilizing a Cannabis and/or Hemp Specific Online Directory?

Although legal cannabis and hemp are relatively new in terms of being searched for on the internet, these industries are rapidly taking the digital world by storm. As we mentioned earlier, users typically utilize or discover online directories when they’re looking for something very specific.

At this point in the upward trajectories of the cannabis and hemp industries, having a proper business profile set up can help make you simultaneously a stronger competitor and more easily searchable.

Why It’s Important for B2B & B2C Cannabis Businesses to Find Niche Directories

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C cannabis business, it’s always great brand awareness to locate niche directories that your competitors are on, or even new directories they haven’t found yet. Many humans reference directories as personal recommendations within newsletters, social media posts, and articles such as the one you’re reading.

Business owners: you should be proud and excited to have your brand listed next to competitors who may have been around longer and have had more success. We love when we see our branding and marketing stand out on a directory page.

Boosting Your SEO with Directory Profiles

An SEO boost can be expected from directory profiles. All of our partners have strong domain authority, so they typically pop up at the top of the majority of common searches, which helps get eyes on your business. Directory profiles, therefore, ensure a level of exposure that you may not have achieved simply by sticking to your normal SEO program.

If that’s not the case, a backlink from directories with high domain authority will be favored by search engines and will contribute to an increase in your SEO analytics. This is crucial for cannabis and hemp businesses who are restricted from standard advertising solutions.

Who Have Been Our Favorite Cannabis Advertising Partners This Year?

BudsFeed – Founded by one of our good friends, Justin Johnson, BudsFeed is one of our favorite online directories because it’s a discovery destination for anything cannabis and hemp related. Here are just a few of the things that make BudsFeed so great:

  • They allow users to “seed” products, services, events, etc. so others can see what’s of top interest in the cannabis world.
  • They feature the “Top 5 Seeds” weekly on their site and social media.
  • Their blog is also a great way for founders to be featured.
  • The BudsFeed site is growing daily and creating a profile is free, so it’s a no-brainer for cannabis and hemp brands!

National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) – The NACB has been a PufCreativ client for almost 2 years. Through their standards, advocacy, and memberships, they are the most trusted credential in cannabis. Their team is passionate and dedicated to shape a safe, ethical, equitable and reliable cannabis industry. We’ve helped them with both of their hugely successful Social Equity conferences.

If you’re in the cannabis and hemp space, we suggest joining their community. PufCreativ is a proud member of the NACB!

Ganjapreneur – This cannabis news resource also has a wonderful business directory that breaks down things down into categories. These include: getting started, cultivation, processing, marketing, retail, operations, and more. We find this directory very helpful and so do our clients. A backlink from this ‘high domain authority’ website is extremely beneficial.

Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily) – Most folks both inside and outside of the industry know of MJBizDaily and/or their MJBizCon. They are one of the most trusted sources for cannabis news and their conference is the largest cannabis conference in the world. Not only do they have a very helpful, trusted, and organized business directory, but a backlink from their site is very helpful from an SEO perspective.

Weedmaps – Weedmaps is basically the Google Maps and Yelp of cannabis. They’ve been around since 2008, so they’re known throughout the world as the place to go when you want to find the best cannabis deals in town, and they also have a very high domain authority. Some more info on Weedmaps:

  • They offer directories for brands, retail, delivery, and CBD to create profiles so folks can find their desired products.
  • We often find ourselves using Weedmaps to explain competitive marketing tactics during screen-shares.
  • Weedmaps is priding themselves on their new online, order, POS, social media and other tech platforms.

ADCANN – This directory is specific to cannabis marketing in the United States and Canada. ADCANN also hosts online marketing awards for agencies, marketers, and brands from both countries. This is a great resource for folks to find an agency that fits their business model and also a great resource for cannabis marketing knowledge. Our team is proud to have won multiple ADCANN awards!

Leafly – This cannabis SEO giant was featured in our Advertisers blog. They offer similar features to Weedmaps, but are also the world’s top source for any type of cannabis knowledge. I’m sure if you’ve ever asked a question about cannabis online, Leafly has popped up on the first page. They have a business directory for brands, dispensaries, delivery services, CBD, marketers, cultivation, and more. A backlink from this site is SEO gold.

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)  – The NCIA is one of the oldest and most trusted associations representing cannabis. They have hundreds of members and host well-attended events all over the country. They’re a very personable and involved cannabis association who also influences state legislatures around the country. Their membership directory is very fruitful and covers a wide variety of cannabis and hemp business types. PufCreativ is a proud member of the NCIA!

Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) – Most industry executives and leaders are tuned into CBE to stay up-to-date on corporate, executive, and stock news in cannabis. Here are some more CBE highlights:

  • Their directory is a great place for cannabis and hemp businesses to find trusted and professional ancillary services to help their business succeed.
  • We encourage our B2B clients to set-up profiles on this website for the extra traffic and backlinks.
  • They also have advertising and newsletter opportunities that can be helpful to cannabis businesses.

Why Should You Work With A Premier Cannabis Marketing Agency Like PufCreativ?

When we say we’ve been around the cannabis marketing block, we mean it. Our Co-Founders have been in the industry for over 7 years and our agency is approaching its 5-year anniversary. We’ve always worked with a variety of cannabis and hemp B2B, B2C and MSO’s from all over the country, so we know how to align our marketing strategies with any type of business model.

In addition to our extensive experience, we continually strive to enhance our craft, our community efforts, and our organizational culture. We believe it’s all about the little things while remaining consistent and delivering world-class marketing services.

What Sets PufCreativ Apart from the Other Cannabis Marketing & Advertising Agencies?

Being able to handle all of your cannabis marketing needs under one roof, while having trusted partners and community partners at our clients’ disposal makes us stand out from the rest. 


Be sure to stay tuned for the release of our custom cannabis mobile application development services that we’re rolling out in 2022. We’re currently working on our first two case studies.

Learn more about our partnerships by visiting our partners page and be sure to reach out to if you’d like to get started on a project, or have any questions about our services.