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What’s Been Happening in California Cannabis & Hemp Marketing?

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Our team at PufCreativ works tirelessly to help cannabis and hemp businesses throughout the country in their marketing efforts, while also doing our part in removing the plant’s stigma and helping communities harmed by the failure of the War on Drugs

We pride ourselves in being a nationally-recognized and award-winning marketing hub that people think of when they think of a ‘trusted brand’, and with our extensive experience within the industry, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of the bad and the good when navigating the murky waters of the cannabis market. 

Let’s focus on the good! Since even before 1996, when California passed Proposition 215 legalizing medical cannabis, the state has been a leader in the efforts to bring cannabis into the mainstream. 

We have many friends, esteemed partners & clients in the Golden State, and we’re excited to see all the progressive growth that’s happening now and what’s to come in the future. 

Keep reading as we talk about some recent cannabis news coming out of California and highlight some of our clients currently making waves in the state.  

What’s the Deal With California’s Cannabis Billboards?

Recently, the state of California frustrated cannabis businesses by banning cannabis billboards, however there are some positives about the situation

If anything, the legislation, which banned marijuana ads on any interstate or state highway crossing California’s 1,900-mile border (including some of the nation’s busiest highways, such as U.S. 101, Interstate 10, I-5, I-80, I-15 and I-40) highlighted what we already know.

And “what we already know”, is this: among other factors, the future of California cannabis marketing (and beyond) is in programmatic digital advertising, and decidedly not in things such as physical billboard marketing. 

Digital marketing not only ensures that your content and message is seen throughout various related sites—but it also makes real time targeting optimization possible—and so savvy cannabis brands will do well to implement this marketing method today and moving forward. 

California Cannabis Sales Keep Breaking Records

As a testament to the staying power of cannabis in the Golden State, the recent data concerning sales numbers shows the state “shattering” the previous tax revenue records in the latest fiscal year. California collected a whopping $817 million in tax revenue during the 2020-21 period, which is a head-spinning 55% increase from the previous year. 

The fact that this is happening during the Covid-19 pandemic also speaks to the essential status of cannabis, both in the eyes of the government and in the hearts and minds of California citizens. 

Catching Up With Some of Our Cali Cannabis & Hemp Clients:

We’re lucky to work with some of the best cannabis and hemp companies/brands in California. From cannabis smoking accessories, to CBD health and beauty care products and more, we love working with these brands because they’re fresh, exciting and above all: determined to make a difference. 

About some of our trailblazing California clients:  

OraBliss CBD Oral Health Care (Los Angeles)

OraBliss is a CBD oral health care company founded and operated in Los Angeles, California. Our brand is focused on reinforcing oral health by providing an all-natural and refreshing CBD oral care product line that is infused with pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil. 

As avid supporters and users of hemp and CBD oil for its holistic benefits, our founders believe the merger of CBD and oral health care was inevitable and should be embraced.”

The OraBliss brand is great for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is that they make sure to give back to underserved communities around the world with each purchase of their products. 

Dodi Blunts (Oakland)

Founded by NFL living legend, Marshawn Lynch, Dodi Blunts is intended to be a uniquely heady experience: 

“Marshawn loves candy. So he and his friends are always on the lookout for the best that The Bay Area has to offer. Marshawn has a keen nose for distinct aromas, a smooth draw and a varied wave of fruity flavor to match. 

The flower we select is always right for an afternoon of watching football or playing Madden. It’ll always put you in the zone to focus and relax, though it’s also fitting for social occasions with the homies.”

In addition to offering their premium products, Dodi also works to help expunge cannabis records, raises money and awareness for local causes, and supports local arts and culture in underrepresented cities.

Toastyy CBD Beauty Products (Los Angeles)

Last, but certainly not least, we have Toastyy CBD Beauty Products for Women, founded by Jamie Lea and based in Los Angeles, California: 

“Toastyy is all about encouraging you to stand tall and strong, striving to always make you feel empowered to be your best self. Afterall, you ARE a Toastyy Babe, and Toastyy Babes are a force to be reckoned with. 

We are here to be a pillar of strength to you, to support you, and motivate you to feel truly proud of who you are. We are here to get Toastyy and inspire you to do the same. Getting Toastyy is all about relaxation, confidence, and embracing the goddess within.”

The Toastyy brand is not only a leader in natural, CBD-infused wellness, but they are also focused on giving back to the community, while encouraging others to do the same. 

Choosing PufCreativ to Guide Your Cannabis Marketing Journey!

We’re excited for the present and the future of California’s legal cannabis industry. As it evolves and grows, of course we hope to see innovation and progress, but also an emphasis on sustainability and social equity. 

Our expert team of marketing professionals is here to help guide you into realizing your cannabis marketing goals. Allow us to infuse your project with style, professionalism, know-how and efficiency — the difference will be crystal-clear. 

If you’d like to learn more about our services, or to get started on a project — visit our Get Started Page or email