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Boom! And, just like that — your entire marketing strategy has changed in the blink of an eye. Marketing cannabis and hemp during a crisis like COVID-19 is a bit different because both have been recognized as essential during this time. Both Medical AND Recreational cannabis dispensaries have been deemed “essential businesses”, and hemp products are helping folks stay cool, calm and collected.

It’s certainly great that these companies are still able to keep their lights on, but how do you properly market your dispensary or brand during a strange time like this? Keep reading for some exclusive PufCreativ tips.

Communicate A New Marketing Strategy With Your Client

Transparency is key. Be sure to reach out to your clients to schedule a call or a virtual meeting right away. Prior to the meeting, create a list of thoughts and suggestions that will help you to express your immediate concerns regarding the crisis. Brainstorm with your clients regarding the kind of messaging they intend to convey during this time, and then come to a mutual agreement on a specific approach.

Understandably, this may drastically affect the workflow, so be sure to re-negotiate a contract with your client that assures their comfort with the new strategy and their current financial situation (both of which should be made adaptable as crisis updates occur). And, most of all — remain positive!

Dispensary Marketing

Since dispensaries have been deemed an “essential business”, you will need to make your consumers aware of any legal updates, along with the proper etiquette to acquire products. Be sure to keep your website updated daily (or even hourly) in order to effectively track online orders and curbside pickup.

It is also important to educate your consumers on how to properly follow regulations (ie. being clean/safe, etc.) through your content. In an effort not to bombard your audience with too much COVID-19 content and negative vibes, striking a balance of positive messaging and resonant brand content is the name of the game.

Cannabis Brand Marketing

Cannabis products have been in continued demand throughout the COVID-19 crisis, therefore consistent marketing can absolutely help your business during this time. Stress to your clients that increased dispensary support (through social media and store locators) is mutually beneficial. It informs consumers of where to easily find their medicine, while supporting essential businesses. In addition, effective social media and blogging campaigns make efforts to educate consumers while creating relatable content.

Hemp / CBD Marketing

It has been shown that Hemp/CBD products can aid with relief, rest and recovery, so it goes without saying that they may be extremely helpful during the COVID-19 crisis. Because it is legal to order these products on the internet, successful brands would be wise to implement a user-friendly site with an e-commerce integration.

We also suggest starting or joining a cause to help your community during covid relief efforts, and just as with cannabis brand marketing — be sure to use your social media and blogging to create relatable, educational content for your consumers.


These tactics are not meant solely for the cannabis sphere, and can also be successfully applied to non-cannabis and non-hemp marketing platforms. Here at PufCreativ, we’re grateful to continue our work during this crazy time. We believe that through our relationships, and our content, we really ARE making a difference!

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