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Why Should You Personally Invest in Cannabis?

Why Should You Invest in Cannabis

For stock market experts, and for those that are new to the investment game, you might be asking yourself the same question many other modern consumers are asking: “Should I invest in cannabis stocks?”  With all the recent developments within the legal cannabis market — domestically and abroad — this question is certainly an important one with many factors and ramifications to consider. 

At PufCreativ, we believe it’s crucial to be informed in regards to the ins and outs of the legal cannabis industry and everything associated with it. This includes cannabis education, the latest in cannabis innovation and groundbreaking products, and of course, how this amazing plant fits into the global economy. 

Should you invest in cannabis? For us, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Keep reading as we detail just some of the major reasons you should consider investing in the current legal cannabis industry. 

  1. Imminent Federal Cannabis Legalization

Firstly, one would do well to consider the current legal landscape in the United States and the increasingly positive stance on federal cannabis legalization. As major supporters such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer continue to clamor for an agreement on legalization, it seems that the entire country is bracing for the inevitable: a federally legal American cannabis market. 

This is surely a major reason to think about investing in the cannabis industry because it means the door will be wide open for more opportunities for growth and innovation within the field. 

  1. The Legal Cannabis Industry has Tremendous Long-Term Growth Potential

Secondly, as financial experts gather necessary data about the long-term viability of cannabis stocks, the evidence is decidedly pointing in the direction of long-term growth potential. According to Greenentrepreneur:

Specifically, ancillary marijuana stocks have shown more long-term potential in the last few years. Another area that has also shown stability is medicinal marijuana stocks in 2021. In some cases, these cannabis companies have shown market stability and also give a dividend to investors as an incentive for the long hold. With so much growth potential in the sector investment into top marijuana stocks in 2021 could produce massive gains in the future.

  1. Exponentially Increasing Consumer Demand for Cannabis Products

Thirdly, as more and more people begin to understand and accept the cannabis plant as a uniquely amazing catalyst for natural wellness (and not as an unfairly stigmatized & politically abhorred substance) they are becoming more comfortable with turning to cannabis-based solutions for their daily self-care needs.

This, of course, in turn, works to spike the demand for effective and easily accessible cannabis products. As we touched on in the sections above, it seems that all roads are pointing towards the type of substantial growth in demand upon which you can certainly ‘bank.’

  1. Monumental Legal Cannabis Industry Revenue Figures

Next, strictly speaking numbers, current monumental legal cannabis industry revenue growth and future projections are some more reasons why you should consider investing in legal cannabis. It’s safe to say: what’s happening with legal states’ cannabis tax revenue is a sign of the times, leading towards the rise of a new global economic ‘Super Crop’ with the financial ability to influence social equity initiatives and therefore change society for the better (another reason to feel good about cannabis stocks when you’re thinking of investing.) 

  1. Growing Number of Assorted Cannabis Stocks

Last but not least, keeping the above-mentioned reasons in mind it goes to figure that with industry confidence also comes more opportunity for growth, research & development, innovation and job creation. 

This all facilitates the potential for more new and exciting concepts, products, growing techniques, brands, and subsequently an increase in various cannabis stocks —giving investors a vast array of new products and services in which to invest.  

Stay tuned for more blog content regarding the PufCreativ brand and the legal cannabis industry at large. If you’d like to learn more about our services, or to get started on a project — visit our Get Started Page or email