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The Latest in Massachusetts Cannabis Business & Marketing

The Latest in Massachussetts Cannabis Business & Marketing

It is truly inspiring to see how far certain states have come in regards to legalizing and efficiently enacting cannabis policy. What seemed like a distant dream only a few years ago, is now an exciting new reality filled with natural wellness possibilities that have the potential of positively impacting vast numbers of people. This is evidenced quite clearly when we look at all the great things that have been happening in Massachusetts regarding cannabis in all of its forms.

From forward-thinking changes and amendments to marijuana policy, to the enormous financial gains that have been made, to the increased awareness and emphasis on social equity — it’s safe to say that mainstream cannabis culture in the Bay State is here to stay — in a big way.

At PufCreativ, we’re proud to be doing our part in contributing to the removal of cannabis’s stigma within the United States and worldwide. Across all departments, our team always strives to “accentuate the positive” — so here are just some of the latest Massachusetts cannabis marketing news and highlights, including some of our clients we’ve enjoyed working with thus far.

Successfully Jumping Through the Hoops of Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts

First, anyone in the legal cannabis industry will surely agree: navigating this sphere is an effort unlike any other within the business world. Making sure to have all of one’s ducks in a row regarding policy and compliance are essential keys to running a successful cannabis marketing campaign for your business. Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) has its own particular guidelines regarding cannabis and hemp advertising within the Commonwealth:

For nearly all forms of advertising — television, radio, podcast, internet, mobile app, social media, billboard and print ads — the CCC requires that the company placing the ad can prove with audience composition data that adults 21 or older make up at least 85 percent of the audience, a standard that works to limit advertising opportunities and forces companies to reach customers in new ways.

As you can gather from the above passage taken from a recent article published by The Berkshire Eagle, marketing and advertising in Massachusetts has its fair share of imposed limitations. However, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the cannabis sector is on a path of exponential growth all thanks to widespread legalization, resulting in “pervasive availability, rapid de-stigmatization, mainstream consumption, and a new growth opportunity for advertisers.”

Massachusetts Reaches New Heights in Cannabis Sales

Furthermore, no conversation about Massachusetts cannabis marketing would be complete without some mention of the presence of the massive amount of cannabis sales that have been logged since the initial days of legal cannabis within the Commonwealth.

Five years after the adult-use market was launched, the latest numbers show marijuana sales breaking the $2 billion mark as of August of 2021. A testament to both the public realization about the advantages of natural wellness, and the ingenuity of cannabis growers and dispensaries, this market doesn’t seem to be exhibiting any signs of losing pace.

Cultivation & Retail Opportunities in the ‘Booming’ Massachusetts Marijuana Market

Thirdly, it’s also worth noting that the cannabis/hemp cultivation and retail opportunities within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are rapidly increasing. This is not only good news for new or existing companies looking to expand their business, but it’s also attractive to the savvy cannabis consumer because their selection of products is therefore continually increasing.

What’s the reason for this? Despite the fact that the Massachusetts adult-use cannabis market is a dichotomy (On one hand: the state has a huge population and a fresh rec program. On the other hand: the regulatory regime is restrictive) it still has a garnered the interest of many multistate operators, which is certainly a positive signal.

Highlighting Massachusetts Clients

Our expert team at PufCreativ is grateful to have worked with many trusted Massachusetts cannabis brands throughout our years in this ever-changing industry. Keep reading as we highlight just some of the excellent brands we’ve been lucky to work with; companies that are not only run by great people, but are also using their canna-platform to make the world a better place:

Lazy River Products (Dracut, MA)
“Give Back, Grow, Succeed”

Lazy River Products is a vertically integrated cannabis cultivation and product development company in Dracut, MA who, at its core, will produce the highest quality cannabis and cannabis related products in New England:

Their Executive Management Team each has more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields of business entrepreneurship, corporate technology and cultivation/horticulture.

They have combined their expertise and together have formed a brain trust comprised of some of the best resources in the industry today.
Their shared goal is to use data and process driven methodologies along with a strong customer service focus to create one of the leading brands in the industry and a successful organization that drives lasting change within the local communities it serves.

Rolling Releaf
“Purveyors of Cannavenience”

The idea for Rolling Releaf sprung up naturally out of the friendship of two high school buddies, Bryce Hall & Devin Alexander, whose common passion for the cannabis plant led to a ‘chance meeting’ during their freshman year. Friends ever since — once the Commonwealth of Massachusetts legalized adult-use cannabis — they both knew they had to be a part of this growing market.

As they carved their respective paths in the legal cannabis and learned more about the legislative side of things, they realized that something was missing: there needed to be more inclusion. Devin worked tirelessly, making his way through the social equity program while at the same time fighting to get delivery licenses put into the language of proposed regulations. His efforts paid off! The team at Rolling Releaf is proudly here to ensure access to cannabis is convenient, reliable, and affordable for all:

  • They aim to offer the best of what is available in the Massachusetts adult-use market (cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, etc.) by partnering with industry leaders and equitable businesses.
  • Rolling Releaf delivers the product straight to consumers residing in areas where there currently are no adult-use cannabis dispensaries.
  • They will also be delivered in areas that do have adult-use dispensaries.

Society Cannabis Co. (Clinton, MA)
“Join the Society”

At their root, Society Cannabis Co. adult-use cannabis dispensary makes high-quality wellness and lifestyle cannabis products:

  • They grow and stock finely crafted cannabis strains and innovative cannabis wellness products spanning infusions, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and tinctures.
  • To foster this new era of legal recreational cannabis in Massachusetts, their brand and dispensaries, therefore, reflect an outlook driven by eclecticism, experimentation, and expertise.
  • They believe there is an independent spirit in everyone, and they’re here to help fuel yours.
    Society Cannabis Co. is not just another cannabis vendor in Massachusetts; they are both a company and mindset. Every moment, movement, and preference has a place.

Bring Your Projects to Life with PufCreativ

We’re proud to use our expertise to help such organizations that are concerned with enduring excellence and giving back to the communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs. Our extensive experience in the legal cannabis and hemp industries allows us to uniquely tailor each current and prospective client’s specific identity within the market.

Looking to begin or continue your journey within the cannabis field, but at a loss regarding where to start? Not to worry, PufCreativ is here to guide you towards achieving your marketing goals, helping you create and foster a path that’s right for your brand’s ongoing growth and success.


Be sure to reach out to if you’d like to get started on a project, or have any questions about our services.