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Our Favorite Cannabis & Hemp Friendly Advertisers To Work With in 2021

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Over the last several years, I’ve been personally consulting certain cannabis and hemp businesses to help them grow and succeed in the fascinating world of marketing and advertising in their respective industries. I take tremendous pride in connecting clients with the right partners depending on their specific goals, budget, and offerings — being able to make informed decisions based on the organic data collected by the PufCreativ team — and ultimately ensuring clients waste as little time and money as possible.

As an award-winning, full-service cannabis creative agency, we work with a number of different advertisers from all over the globe. These advertisers’ services range from display ads and social media, to billboards in major national/international cities, and much more.

Read on as I describe the types of ways in which we engage with our advertising partners, while also shining a light on some of our favorite advertisers we’ve been working with in 2021.

How Does a Cannabis Marketing Agency like PufCreativ Engage with Advertising Partners?

At PufCreativ, we offer services such as logo design, branding, website design, website development, social media, SEO, blogging, email marketing and content creation. In a nutshell: we can help clients create their entire marketing platforms (from scratch!) and manage their day-to-day organic marketing efforts, strategy and traffic.

Our esteemed cannabis advertising partners have the ability to utilize the tools and platforms we provide clients, in order to target audiences based on our clients’ budgets, goals, services and demographics. Subsequently, this allows the client to accomplish important goals such as increasing traffic to their websites, generating leads and growing their social media following.

Who Have Been Our Favorite Cannabis Advertising Partners This Year?

Leafly – As a lot of our readers already know, Leafly is one of the most renowned cannabis education tools on the planet. In addition to their world-class cannabis SEO, they offer targeted advertising packages such as banner ads, article features, email marketing, and social media campaigns. Their ability to target demographics and drive valuable traffic to clients’ websites is remarkable.

Broccoli Magazine – Female founded and operated, Broccoli Mag is one of our favorite magazines on the planet, providing an elevated and trusted educational/visual experience. Unlike traditional advertisers, Broccoli is unique because they are able to target their niche fan base through their social media, podcast and newsletter channels.

Emerald Magazine – Sprouting from the reaction to being a victim of the War on Drugs, Emerald Mag is another female-founded trusted media outlet in the cannabis and hemp sphere. They offer customized packages that boost website traffic and help with SEO, including article features, social media campaigns, newsletter, and banner ads.

JamBase – If you’re a live music enthusiast, you’ve probably already heard of JamBase. We love using their banner, social and email channels to promote our cannabis and CBD clients to music lovers. Everyone knows that music and cannabis go hand-in-hand, and so it’s very valuable to be able to target consumers based on their music preference, location and recent live concert experiences.

Creative TRND – What else can we say, we love working with the Creative TRND team! Not only are they amazing content creators (especially video), but they’re also extremely helpful when it comes to social media advertising. As you all may know, social media is very tricky in regards  to cannabis and hemp. We’re grateful we have a partner like Creative TRND who can help us navigate those waters and push a lot of our clients’ hemp ads on social media.

Herb – If you’re into being entertained and educated about cannabinoids on the day-to-day, then you must already follow Herb! We’ve been working with this media outlet for years. In regards to ads, emails, social media, articles, content creation and more, Herb is one of our favorite ad partners to work with. Their customer services and attention to detail are unmatched.

GreenScreens – We’ve been collaborating with the GreenScreens team for years now. They offer digital advertising at the point of sale on digital menu boards within dispensaries. Their services provide great opportunities for both brands and dispensaries, while integrating with some of the best data and POS systems in the world.

Growers Network – On top of being an educational directory and forum for over 17,000 members, the Growers Network are the founders of CannaCribs and a number of other cannabis-related organizations. They have an unreal YouTube following, so they offer a valuable brand awareness opportunity for cannabis and hemp organizations to get eyes on their logos. We love working on their social media and getting clients and others involved with their episode launches.

How Can We Help Grow Your Business?

Let PufCreativ’s experience, skills and partnerships help you succeed in the tricky marketing and advertising landscapes of the cannabis and hemp spaces. We’re here to help you succeed and we understand what it takes to build a successful business from the bottom-up. We want to know your story, your goals and your limitations, so we can customize a program that works for you!

Learn more about our partnerships by visiting our partners page and be sure to reach out to if you’d like to get started on a project, or have any questions about our services.