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4/20 is a date that symbolizes the celebration of cannabis culture. In general, the term 4/20 the date or 4:20 the time has been more commonly accepted and associated with the consumption of cannabis. As knowledge and research about the plant continually progresses, more and more people participate in the holiday festivities.   

From taking a huge bong hit to taking a small bite out of an infused brownie, cannabis users commemorate and celebrate the holiday in their own way, for their own reasons. It’s said that the largest influx of new consumers in newly legalized markets will be over the age of 50. It’s going to be great to see so many consumers across various age groups celebrating the holiday for years to come.

My First Time Smoking Cannabis

The first time I smoked cannabis, I was 14 years old. I hit my friends homemade bowl in my room under my bed sheets, thinking that it would cover up the smell. When I woke up in the morning, my mom questioned the smell, and I blamed it on my incense.

I continued this process for about 3 more months, until finally I couldn’t cover my tracks anymore. My Mom woke me up in the morning, sat me down at the kitchen table, and scolded me for hours about why I shouldn’t be consuming pot. At the time I had long curly hair like I do today. She made me shave my head and grounded me for months.

At the time, I hated it. I knew a lot of my friends smoked pot, and some of their parents didn’t even seem to care. Although I was frustrated with my Mom, I stopped smoking for about a year and a half.

What I Have Learned Through Cannabis

I believe that after one consistently consumes cannabis, they begin to learn more and more about the plant and themselves with each use. After years of consumption, I’ve learned more about cannabis and the industry than I have in just about anything throughout my entire life. When the moment comes that you realize how much benefit the plant has, it’s beautiful.

I’ve learned that when I consume THC, I can embrace my creative and abstract thoughts. When I use CBD, I can have control over pain, inflammation, stress or anxiety. Finding a balance that works for me has helped me get through my everyday life. I recently suffered a sports injury and have been using both cannabinoids and THC to help reduce the symptoms and heal my injury.

Denver, Colorado 4/20 in 2018

This Friday, I have the pleasure of celebrating 4/20 in Denver, Colorado. On top of exploring the various events around the city, we were fortunate enough to get invited to the private DOPE Magazine 4/20 party. We will be there during the day, and after dinner will be going to 420 on the block with our client, GreenScreens. Be sure to tune in to our live Instagram story to catch all the action via @pufcreativ.