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No one likes feeling uncomfortable. That is especially true when you are in a professional situation, which can seems to magnify that uncomfortable feeling (think of The Office). After I obtained an MBA with a specialization in Project Management, I managed a nightclub in South Florida. Once I found a niché in social marketing and networking, I moved on to the digital marketing world. My first digital marketing job was as a Marketing Director for a company in the Cannabis Industry.

I think my background working in the service industry for most of my life created a foundation for my approach in responding to uncomfortable situations. Customers tend to be picky about their food and drinks, the same was true with weed. These experiences in the Restaurant and Nightlife biz and then my digital marketing entrepreneurship have added another layer to my outlook and function when facing the uncomfortable. Whether it’s a phone call with a new client or a presentation in front of a group of investors, here are some tips and best practices to help make you comfortably uncomfortable.

You’re In Control

It took me running my own business to realize that I’m in control of most situations that I’ve felt uncomfortable in. When you combine having multiple clients with digital services, things are destined to go wrong. What I’ve learned is that most of the issues could have been avoided and if they couldn’t have, I always need to learn from the situation and document what could have been done to avoid the issue.

Although PufCreativ’s first event, A Night of Awareness, was a success, we still had a handful of uncomfortable situations that we’ve learned from and documented. Most of these situations we were able to avoid by staying in control of the communication. Keeping the communication very open, positive and honest is a key ingredient in turning a negative situation into a positive one. Preparation and anticipation will now put you in control of these uncomfortable situations.

Step Up Your Game And
Reach Your Goals!

Now that you’re in control and anticipating uncomfortable situations, apply this new mindset to reach macro and micro goals in your business and your life. At your next work meeting, don’t hesitate to speak your mind if someone is saying something you feel will not benefit the company because you fear the uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you feel will benefit your positioning in life because you feel embarrassed.

In general, don’t be embarrassed or uncomfortable about who you are and what you decide to do in life. Work hard, speak your mind, maintain organization and plan ahead utilizing a careful risk analysis. Utilizing this formula with an “in control” mindset will help you dominate all situations. Once you accept the inevitability of the uncomfortable, you begin to accept and understand it is a fleeting moment that can easily be taken in a new direction. Apply to speak at conferences, square up your competition, plan the best events in your city, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Become comfortably uncomfortable and you just might find working through those uncomfortable situations ultimately helped you reach your goals.