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If there’s one thing to learn about marketing in 2018, it’s that content is king. Keep track of your marketing analytics, you’ll notice that the best performing blogs, social media posts and newsletters contain top quality content. If you read our blog “Content Creation,” you can learn some of the best routes to take to create quality and engaging content.

It’s important to keep in mind that posting a high resolution picture to your Instagram is not going to make your client famous overnight. There’s so many more pieces to the puzzle in order to create a quality marketing platform that is going to generate the revenue you’re looking for. My best advice is to embrace what makes your brand unique when it comes to digital marketing. Don’t just be a little crazy with your content creation, but also be a little crazy about how you expose the content you’re creating.

Before Digital Marketing and Startup Entrepreneurship

Growing up, I had zero interest in becoming involved in the digital marketing world. I deleted my Facebook for years and didn’t have an Instagram until Graduate School. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but growing up in nightlife and the service industry, I always thought I would end up managing and owning a club or bar.

Throughout the course of my life I’ve always have had very detailed ideas. As a kid, my teachers often told me I was overthinking or thinking too “outside the box.” When I entered the workforce, I offered suggestions and was told my ideas were obscure or “crazy.” I used to doubt myself and sharing my ideas but then I realized; crazy catches people’s attention. These offbeat ideas could turn into something.

Sometimes ideas can be unrealistic. Sometimes ideas can be abstract. An idea is an idea, an abstract thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. Entertaining your thoughts and expanding on those thoughts with creativity, reasoning, and logic are one of the most amazing capabilities we have as humans. Learning how to harness my abstract and crazy thinking is what has enabled me to do what I do everyday, successfully.

Embrace Your Crazy Side

Ideas must be embraced and explored. I would say some of the best ideas in the world were at first thought to be crazy. For example, when Aristotle was presenting his theories on physical science (theories that still hold truth today, thousands of years later) many thought he was out of his mind. There is too much at stake when one suppresses their ideas instead of exploring them.

As I’ve grown up and started my own business, I’ve realized my off kilter ideas are what have set me apart and helped me attain the position I’m at today in my career. When we first started PufCreativ, family and friends thought it was a very bold move. Some might even say it was a little nuts. Now that we have enjoyed success over the past year with a bright future ahead, does that idea I once had still seem so crazy now that it has come to fruition?

Explore your ideas as far as your brain will allow. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re crazy. Take things to another level and do whatever you can to get your message out to the world. Take risks and plan for the worst. Embrace your individuality and be a little crazy.

Share some ideas people once considered crazy that worked in the comments below.