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Stop Leafing Your Cannabis Event Success to Chance: How Social Listening Tools Can Help


As an event planner in the exciting and rapidly growing cannabis industry, you know that creating successful events is not an easy task. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to know what attendees are thinking or feeling about your event. But what if we told you that there’s a secret tool that can help you unlock the power of data-driven insights and take your events to the next level? That tool is social listening.


What is social listening & Why is it Important for Cannabis Event Planning?

Social listening is the process of monitoring social media platforms, forums, and other online communities to gain insights into what people are saying about a particular topic. This information can be used to inform marketing strategies, product development, and event planning. With social listening, you can identify trends, understand consumer preferences, and stay ahead of the competition.

The cannabis industry is unique, and the same can be said for the events and experiences that it offers. Social listening can help you understand what your target audience is looking for in a cannabis event, so you can create an event that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

For example, by monitoring social media, you can identify the types of activities, speakers, and vendors that your target audience is interested in. You can also learn about the most popular themes and trends in the cannabis industry, so you can incorporate these elements into your event. This information can help you create a more engaging, relevant, and memorable experience for your attendees.


How to Use Social Listening for Your Cannabis Event

To get started with social listening for your cannabis event, you’ll need to choose the right tools and platforms. There are many social media monitoring tools available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

At PufCreativ, we utilize our own social listening tools to monitor social media conversations and engagements around your events, brand, competitors, and more. We’ll send you alerts and reports, so you can stay on top of what’s being said about your event and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall experience.


Benefits of Using Social Listening for Cannabis Event Planning

By using social listening tools for your cannabis event planning, you can:

  1. Understand attendee experiences and feedback: By monitoring social media conversations around your events, you can gain valuable insights into what attendees liked and disliked. This can help you make changes on the fly to improve the overall experience.
  2. Identify key themes and topics: You can identify popular themes and topics that are important to your target audience, such as popular speakers and sessions. This information can help you plan future events that cater to attendees’ interests.
  3. Address negative feedback or complaints quickly: By using social listening tools, you can quickly address any negative feedback or complaints from attendees. This can help you improve the overall event experience and show attendees that you value their opinions.


Social listening is an essential tool for event planners in the cannabis industry. With the ability to monitor social media conversations and engagements, you can gain a deeper insight into the needs and preferences of your target audience. By utilizing this information, you can create events that are not only engaging and relevant but also truly memorable. And with PufCreativ’s social listening services, you can stay ahead of the curve, tracking what’s being said about your event and making informed decisions to enhance the overall experience.