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2023 was quite the year for us here at PufCreativ. Not only did we have another year together growing our business alongside our clients’ businesses, but we also won a couple of awards along the way! Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is fun. 


If you’d like to indulge us, we’d like to highlight two awards that we were incredibly grateful to win and talk about why these kinds of recognition are important to us and the cannabis industry as a whole.

The EMJAY Award for Best Branding/Marketing Agency of the Year

In November, we attended the EMJAYs at MJBizCon, where energy and cannabis smoke filled the air. As nominees for the Best Branding/Marketing Agency of the Year, our PufCreativ team felt excited and humbled to receive recognition alongside such esteemed peers in the cannabis industry. When the announcer called our name as the winner, we couldn’t contain ourselves and leaped out of our seats. 


This award is not just a trophy on our shelf; it’s a testament to the dedication and innovative spirit that drives our whole team!


Winning the EMJAY for Best Branding/Marketing Agency of the Year is a significant milestone for us at PufCreativ. It’s an acknowledgment of our commitment to not only elevating the standards of marketing and branding within the cannabis industry but also pushing the envelope in terms of what’s best for consumers, social equity, social justice, the environment, and communities.


Our approach to branding and marketing in the cannabis sector goes beyond traditional methods. We believe the cannabis industry, still in its relative infancy, has a unique opportunity to set a precedent for responsibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. As leaders in this space, our responsibility extends to shaping the narrative around cannabis – breaking down stereotypes, educating the public, and promoting safe and responsible use.

The Importance of Focusing on Social Equity

The focus on social equity and justice is particularly crucial. The cannabis industry’s growth should be synonymous with progress in these areas. We’re proud to promote businesses and initiatives that prioritize social equity, giving a voice to those historically marginalized in this sector. 

paper cut out hands in different sizes all coming together n the middle.

Through our work, we aim to ensure that the benefits of the cannabis industry extend to all communities, particularly those adversely affected by past legislation.


As we celebrate this achievement, we’re reminded of the responsibility that comes with it. This award fuels our drive to continue innovating, pushing boundaries, and ensuring that the cannabis industry grows in a way that benefits consumers, society, and the planet. We’re excited to see what the future holds and are committed to leading the charge toward a more equitable, just, and sustainable cannabis industry.

The Clio Awards: Spotlighting Our Work With Gentlemen Smugglers

In addition to our EMJAY win, we were also awarded The Clio Gold Award in Film & Video Craft for our short film ‘Enjoy The Ride’ we created for our client Gentlemen Smugglers. We were also lucky enough to win the Clio Silver Award for Social Media for our work for Gentlemen Smugglers. We’re proud of our team’s talent and hard work, but it also underscores the importance of telling our clients’ stories in a compelling, authentic, and impactful manner.


‘Enjoy The Ride’ is a prime example of how we at PufCreativ approach storytelling. Our objective was to encapsulate the essence of Gentlemen Smugglers, a brand with a unique narrative and ethos. The challenge was to craft a story that resonated not just with cannabis enthusiasts but also with a broader audience, engaging them in a narrative that transcends the product itself.


Winning the Clio Gold Award in Film & Video Craft and the Clio Silver Award in Social Media was particularly rewarding because it recognized the artistry and effectiveness of our storytelling. The Clio Awards, renowned for celebrating creativity and innovation in advertising and communications, provided the perfect platform to showcase our commitment to elevating marketing standards in the cannabis industry.


At PufCreativ, we believe that storytelling is the heart of effective marketing. Each brand has a unique story to tell, rich with experiences, values, and visions that set it apart. Our role is to unearth these stories and bring them to life in a way that creates an emotional connection with the audience. We delve deep into understanding our clients’ ethos, their audience, and the impact they wish to make in the world.


Cannabis Marketing Association Seven Awards: Website and Branding Excellence

Last but certainly not least, our creative journey has been further recognized with two (!) prestigious Cannabis Marketing Association Seven Awards, a testament to our team’s unwavering dedication and innovative approach. 


The first was awarded for our exceptional work on our client Rebel Spirit’s website. This project was a thrilling opportunity to blend creativity with functionality, producing an online presence that not only reflects Rebel Spirit’s brand identity but also enhances user experience. 


We meticulously crafted a website that showcases their products while telling the unique story of Rebel Spirit, capturing their commitment to quality and their spirit of rebellion against the norm.


The second award, a crowning achievement for our branding work with Gentlemen Smugglers, further cements our position as leaders in the field of cannabis marketing. This accolade is especially dear to us, as it aligns perfectly with our philosophy of implementing compelling storytelling in our marketing efforts. 


Our branding campaign for Gentlemen Smugglers was was about weaving a narrative that captures the essence of the brand. Through innovative design, strategic positioning, and a deep understanding of the brand’s core values, we created a branding strategy that stands out in the crowded cannabis market.

PufCreativ Cannabis Marketing Agency: Carrying Our Award-Winning Momentum Through 2024!

Our ride so far has been remarkable, but we believe the best is yet to come. We are ready to use this momentum to achieve new heights, continuing to innovate, inspire, and influence the cannabis industry. Our goal for 2024 is clear: to maintain this trajectory of excellence, creativity, and impact.


As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to be a part of it. Whether you’re a burgeoning cannabis brand looking to make your mark, an established player seeking to redefine your narrative, or a business outside the cannabis sector eager to explore innovative marketing solutions, we’re here to help you tell your story in a way that captivates, resonates, and pushes the cannabis industry forward.


If you’re ready to elevate your brand’s narrative and create marketing that stands out and stands for something, reach out to us.

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