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Clean Technique: The Many Phases of My Cannabis Experience


How would I describe cannabis and its role in my life? Well, that would depend on during which phase of my life you asked me that question. In my early youth, my encounters with cannabis consisted of rolling crappy joints, epic “chow-down” sessions, laughing until my stomach hurt, and really discovering the amazing experiences, social interactions, and friendships that can be forged from recreational marijuana use.

Growing Up: Cannabis Lifestyle in my Early 20's

As I entered my early 20’s, my identity as a cannabis enthusiast started to cement itself. While juggling the new-found independence of college and balancing my personal life with an academic workload, cannabis really rooted itself as a lifestyle, and I became more selective and more knowledgeable about the culture. Entering the workforce as a young professional, I saw the metamorphosis of cannabis from a strictly recreational context – to something which offered a therapeutic, wellness element as well.

As professional, financial and personal obligations became more complex, the carefree days of youth slowly started to recede. Cannabis offered a familiar respite from the stresses of life, while still delivering a social platform that I could use to gather with friends and share our adventures into adulthood.

Cannabis in 2020: My Lifeline

Fast forward to 2020. These days, I find myself in a very different situation from the time when my cannabis adventure started. I am married now, with two young children, and cannabis is not only a lifestyle anymore. In many ways, it could be considered my lifeline as I jump into the fray with my partners to start our very own cannabis company.

From the time the idea of starting a cannabis company popped into my head in early 2017, I have witnessed the birth of my daughter, learned that my father had terminal lung cancer, left the job I had been at for 16 years, watched my father succumb to his cancer, and am currently living in the midst of global pandemic.

My New Reality

My days are jam-packed, from the second I open my eyes in the morning to the moment I close them at night. The idea of recreation (and a social life) seems almost laughable, and I am usually left wondering how the days get so short. It often feels as though my life must be orchestrated like a philharmonic symphony on a daily basis, if I am to accomplish everything on my list. It can certainly be overwhelming at times.

Using Cannabis to Find Balance: My Nightly Wellness Routine

Every night when my day comes to an end, I have a wellness routine. I take my 5mg cannabis capsule, squirt some CBD tincture under my tongue, and take a couple of puffs off my vape pen. As calm finally takes over my mind, I lay down, close my eyes and reflect on the day; what I have accomplished, and what still needs to be done.

I remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, what a lucky person I am to be surrounded by a loving family and friends, to have an incredibly supportive wife and two healthy beautiful children, along with an opportunity to do something I love.

Better Living with Cannabis

In many ways, it is cannabis that keeps my mind clear and allows me to see what I have, to remember what I’ve lost, and to stay focused on what lies ahead.

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