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Why We Are Excited for Medical Cannabis Marketing in Georgia

Doctor writing on prescription blank and bottle with medical cannabis on table close up

We’ve got Georgia on our mind – now that medical cannabis is legal in Georgia, the prospect of nurturing a thriving cannabis industry in the Peach State has captured our collective imagination, and we are committed to playing our part in making it a reality.


Much like a peach tree, which requires careful cultivation and attention to bear the juiciest and most delicious fruits, the cannabis industry in Georgia will also need nurturing and support to reach its full potential. In this blog, we’ll talk about why we are so excited about medical cannabis marketing in Georgia.

Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Laws & Guidelines

In Georgia, the Department of Public Health has started the Low THC Oil Registry. It’s like a club membership, but instead of getting you into exclusive parties, it gets you a personalized Low THC Oil ID card. Now, what’s this card for, you ask?


Well, Georgia’s medical marijuana law says that some folks can have up to 20 fluid ounces of “low THC oil” – which comes from the marijuana plant – without breaking the law. To make it all official, the Department of Public Health gives out these “Low THC Oil Registry Cards” to those who qualify. Having one of these cards not only says you’re allowed to have the oil but also keeps you out of legal trouble.


So, who can apply for this card? There are three main groups:

  1. Adults with one or more of the medical conditions mentioned in the law.
  2. Legal guardians of adults with those medical conditions.
  3. Parents or legal guardians of kids with those medical conditions.


It’s basically a way to make sure that people who genuinely need low-THC oil for medical reasons have the legal thumbs-up to use it without worrying about getting into hot water.


There are a ton of different conditions or illnesses that can qualify for a Low THC Oil Registry card. They include neurological diseases like ALS, MS or seizures, cancer, Tourette’s, Autism Spectrum Disorders, AIDS, PTSD, and more. 


The application process is pretty straightforward. Your doctor is the one who gets the ball rolling. They’re the person who’s been treating you for the condition that qualifies you for the Low THC Oil Registry. Your doctor has to fill out two forms as part of this process. First, there’s a waiver form that both you and your doctor need to sign. Then, there’s a physician certification form. Your doctor will hang onto the original copies of these forms in your medical records. But don’t worry; you can ask for a copy if you want one.


The doctor will take specific info from these forms and send it electronically to the Georgia Department of Public Health. Here’s where the magic happens: The Low THC Oil unit will check out all the details and ensure everything’s on the up and up. Once they give it the green light, they’ll whip up a fancy Low THC Oil Registry Card just for you. Then, you can take that card to a dispensary to purchase low-THC oil products, including tinctures, capsules, and topicals.

Relief For Medical Cannabis Patients

The introduction of medical cannabis in Georgia has undeniably been a game-changer, offering life-altering benefits to thousands of patients in need. As of August 2023, the numbers speak volumes, with over 30,000 individuals having registered for a Low THC Oil ID Card. 

Young man giving support to sick old man in a wheel chair.

What’s so exhilarating about this development is the tangible impact on people’s lives. For those who have struggled with debilitating medical conditions, medical cannabis represents newfound hope and relief. 

Conditions that were once daunting, such as end-stage cancer, severe epilepsy, or excruciating chronic pain, now have an additional avenue of treatment. It’s not just about potential symptom relief; it’s about improving the quality of life for countless Georgians. The numbers don’t lie, and they reflect a growing recognition of cannabis’s therapeutic potential, making this introduction a beacon of hope for those who need it most.

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