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Since day one, PufCreativ has taken pride in and embraced our network. We utilize our network to set our clients up with awesome athletes, musicians, artist, writers, visionaries, etc. We’ve also received most of our business from referrals within our network. Now that we’ve been in business for just about a year and 8 months, it’s clear our network trusts us and we’re producing quality deliverables for our clients.

Our organizational long term goals have always been to unite and harmonize non-profits, communities, athletes, artists, musicians, etc., with the cannabis community. We’ve started our most recent project, Cannabis Doing Good (CDG) with our friends kindColorado to provide a contagious platform for cannabis to be benevolent in the community. We’re also starting a non-cannabis agency, Bagua Media, so we can streamline our cannabis and non-cannabis outreach. The PufNetwork is a platform that is dedicated to our network and our network only, in the cannabis and non-cannabis spectrums.

Why have a platform that only features your own network?

Mainly because everyone in our network deserves it. Sometimes the woman or man behind the lens, doing the backflip, or painting a masterpiece, doesn’t get the proper recognition they deserve. The PufNetwork is a celebration of these gifted individuals and the hard work they put in to bring brands, events, resorts and nightclubs to life in a way that is approachable and real.

How will the PufNetwork operate?

Our PufCreativ marketing is going to shift more towards our portfolio, events, and higher level company updates with a touch of our current formula. The PufNetwork digital presence will consist of a Instagram page and open Facebook group. Anyone in the Facebook group will be able to comfortably network themselves within the group, and also be featured on the Instagram page. Furthermore, PufNetwork members will have exclusive access to collaborations with PufCreativ clients, participation in PufCreativ and CDG events, and membership within ourr symbiotic referral program.

Can anyone join the PufNetwork? What are the rules?

The Facebook group will be the portal to any activity that takes place within the PufNetwork. Once you’re a member, you will be able to invite anyone you’d like who you think would benefit from the group. The person invited will have to be approved, so be mindful when sending an invitation.

If any member exhibits inappropriate behavior, they will be terminated from the group. We want members to benefit in all aspects of life from the activity that takes place.

What are some examples of people within the PufNetwork?

  1. An artist looking to gain exposure or increase their impact.
  2. Entrepreneurs looking to network at one of our events.
  3. A surfer looking to become sponsored by a client or brand within our network
  4. Cannabis or non-cannabis social media influencer looking to do collaborations with clients or other network members
  5. Graphic Designer looking to become a part of our referral program to acquire some extra branding projects
  6. Good friend looking to make some extra revenue off of our referral program
  7. A friend who is is a business owner who would benefit from one or more other members within the PufNetwork.
  8. Writer that loves the content within the FB group and is looking to expand her or his horizons
  9. Anyone who is a good person!


We strive to have a platform that facilitates, celebrates, and strengthens our network. We believe our network extends beyond people we’ve already met. The digital world brings people together in ways we never thought were possible. We all connect at different levels for a reason. Let’s celebrate and cultivate those relationships!

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