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her creative cannabis marketing

We are excited to announce that on May 16, 2019, PufCreativ and HER Creative Media formed a strategic, non-exclusive partnership. The goal of this partnership is to add quality and depth to each agencies services, while also giving our clients the opportunity to completely centralize an entire marketing platform. Instead of having numerous, split marketing teams, businesses can now look to PufCreativ and HER Creative Media as a full-scale, 360-marketing team. A team that every business needs.

About HER Creative Media

HER Creative Media is a small, passionate team founded by Bri Rios and Hannah May in early 2017. Coming from completely different backgrounds and growing up in different states, it was fate that brought the two best friends together when they met at a small technology PR agency in Denver after their different college experiences. After experiencing an a-typical “agency” life (long hours, lethargic quality work, negative client relationships) Hannah and Bri set out in an attempt to eliminate the stereotypical definition of an agency the only way they knew how, by creating their own.

Hannah and Bri created the foundation of HER around the one thing still keeping PR and marketing alive: personal, authentic relationships. Working with HER is more of a lifelong partnership rather than a business exchange. They form friendships rather than partnerships. They eagerly await new client work to help businesses they are truly passionate about. Everything we are all about here at PufCreativ.

Now, with over two years of work under the HER Creative Media name, Hannah and Bri have found themselves traveling all over the country for new clients, frequenting music festivals through their event marketing skills, launching some of the (now) most successful companies, and they still have the drive for more.

What does the future look like for PufCreativ and HER (PufHER)?

PufCreativ is beyond excited to collaborate with HER because public relations can be the glue that solidifies the entire foundation of a brands reputation and marketing platform. Having a trustworthy and quality go-to public relations partner to expose our clients to the nations top media agencies and influencers is exactly what a digital cannabis agency like PufCreativ needs. Having a full-service digital marketing agency is also very valuable to HER because they can now offer their clients services through PufCreativ to create and maintain a solid marketing platform.

To be a competitive player in the modern cannabis and CBD industry, one must not only have solid branding and marketing foundation but also have the nations top media agencies and social media influencers raving about their product or service. Having partners like PufHER are exactly what organizations need in order to develop a solid reputation in the cannabinoid space and eventually generate the revenue clients are looking for.

Want to learn more about the PufHER story? Listen to our CEO John Shute’s recent podcast with Hannah and Bri:

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