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In case you haven’t heard: the classically infamous cannabis-themed holiday ‘420’ (April 20th) is right around the corner and the PufCreativ family couldn’t be more excited, to say the least. Be sure to check out my blog “What Does 420 Mean to You” in which I talk about why the holiday is special for me, my first time smoking cannabis, and what kind of 420 festivities I got into last year in Denver.

Now that medical and recreational cannabis has become more accepted (and in a lot more states, legalized!) in our country, it’s safe to say the 420 holiday currently harnesses a substantial level of power by celebrating a plant that is still federally illegal yet does so much good for so many people. By now everyone knows how the holiday started, and therefore this blog is instead dedicated to explaining why I believe 420 is so important in contemporary society.

Celebrating 420 in High School, College & Beyond

Although I started puffing during my freshman year of high school, 420 didn’t come to my attention until junior year. 420 holidays in my junior and senior years consisted of smoking an obscene amount of weed in a heady combination of 15-gram blunts, 5-gram joints, and of course an endless array of bongs, bubblers and edibles. It was fun, and we sure were stoned, but I look back and think, “Where in the hell did all that weed actually come from?”, and “What the hell was in/on those buds? Pesticides? Toxins?”, and frighteningly, “Could it have been laced with other unknown and dangerous drugs?”

Celebrating 420 in college was certainly a bit different because there were less rules. We would smoke tons of weed at our house, our friends houses, fraternities, sororities, in the park, etc. We’d also subsequently ravage the cafeterias and order tons of takeout, naturally. I had a recording studio in my basement and a halfpipe in my backyard, so I’d say during this formative time is when I discovered my passion for cannabis, arts, music, and extreme sports. But again, if we’re talking quality of medicine; where was this weed actually coming from? Did it have pesticides on it? Were these actually the strains my dealers were telling me?

My post-college 420 holidays also consisted of consuming copious amounts of cannabis, but the difference here was that now I actually knew my sources. In the time since we graduated, my girlfriend (now wife) has become a master of cooking with cannabutter, so I can hazily say that we’ve had many memorable cannabis-infused meals and desserts throughout years. And although at the time I still didn’t fully appreciate knowing where I got my cannabis from, looking back on it now I consider it a huge blessing.

Why is 420 so important today?

Since I moved to Denver in 2016, for me 420 has become more of a celebration of its vision than an endurance contest. I used to get high out of my mind for no reason; now when I consume it’s more in honor and recognition of how far cannabis, the cannabis community, and the cannabis industry have come in the past few years. It’s absolutely amazing to see people choosing cannabis over prescription drugs, knowing exactly what I’m ingesting, and even running a cannabis business of my own. I never would have thought in my lifetime that I’d be writing a blog about 420 for my own cannabis company. What a dream!

420 in Denver, Colorado (2019)

Denver is always a sight for sore (and red) eyes on 420. I’d say that over 80% of the population in Denver consumes cannabis and almost all of those mentioned celebrate 420. This year I will be attending a “Bloom into Wellness” event in the morning that will enhance the senses and provide a path to natural healing through reiki, massage, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, sound healing, and much, more! Then I’ll be heading to the Invisible City for a private VIP social influencer event, leading into a public party called “The New 420”. Finally, I’ll be heading to the Rockies vs. Phillies game at 6pm. And also this year, as a special bonus, throughout the entire day I’ll be taking over the Dr. Robb Farms Instagram, so be sure to tune to @drrobbfarms to catch all of the action!

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What will you being doing this 420? Please comment below!