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The Best Approach To Cannabis Retail Marketing: Practical Strategies for Daily Success

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High again! =) Welcome back to ourThe Best Approach to Cannabis Marketing” Blog Series! In the previous blog, we focused on cannabis retail marketing — specifically regarding the Grand Opening. 

In this part of the blog series we’ll be jumping into the day-to-day efforts of cannabis retail marketing. You’ve already been prepping for this if you’ve been following along – so buckle up, and light a joint as we discuss which strategies you should consider implementing to ensure daily marketing success at your cannabis dispensary. 

Customer Retention  

Now that you’ve had a successful grand opening and have had some foot traffic come through your doors, you want to keep those customers loyal while developing a long-term sustainable relationship. Here are 5 ways to keep folks coming back for more: 

Loyalty Program 

Establish a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers with exclusive discounts, early access to new products, and personalized offers. This allows you to segment your audiences, while fostering a deep sense of appreciation and belonging.

In-Store Activations 

Create interactive and memorable in-store experiences that go beyond shopping. From product demos to themed events, these activities make every cannabis dispensary visit unique.

Community Engagement 

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Connect with your local community through partnerships, sponsorships, and participation in events. This demonstrates your commitment to the community’s well-being.


Host regular events such as workshops, product launches, and themed parties. These events not only entertain but also strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers.


Empower your customers with knowledge about cannabis products, their benefits, and responsible usage. Providing educational resources demonstrates your dedication to their well-being.

By implementing the above tactics, you’ll be able to make your customers feel like they’re part of something special. This goes beyond just buying your quality cannabis products (which, of course, is also really cool). Your customers are now dedicated to your business because you take care of them — whether their experience is in-store, online, in the community, or at events. You’ll want to continue this strategy as you acquire any new customers. 

Customer Acquisition 

You may have acquired new customers since you’ve opened, but you’ll surely want to continue to acquire new customers over time. Here are 5 ways to keep acquiring new customers: 

Digital Marketing 

Leverage the power of online channels to reach a wider audience. From social media to email campaigns, digital marketing allows you to showcase your offerings to potential customers.


Optimize your website content for search engines to increase your visibility in search results. This ensures that potential customers can find you easily.


Maintain an informative and engaging blog that provides insights into cannabis trends, usage, and benefits. This positions you as an authority and draws in curious customers.


Invest in targeted advertising campaigns to reach specific demographics and raise awareness about your dispensary.

Social Utilize social media platforms to showcase your products, share customer stories, and engage with your audience directly.


Work with public relations to secure media coverage and positive reviews. This enhances your reputation and credibility.

Community Engagement & Events

​​Work with public relations to secure media coverage and positive reviews, enhancing your reputation and credibility.


Collaborate with complementary businesses to cross-promote each other, thereby tapping into both customer bases.

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Deals and Discounts 

Offer special deals and discounts to attract new customers and incentivize them to choose your dispensary.

Educational Events & Workshops 

Organize events that educate the public about cannabis, addressing common misconceptions and concerns.

Consistency in Your Cannabis Retail Marketing Efforts

The only way you’re going to continue customer retention, customer acquisition, and general customer engagement — is by being consistent in your marketing efforts. If you’re going to implement any of the tactics listed in this blog, you need to make sure you don’t stop executing on your customer retention and customer acquisition efforts on a consistent basis or you’ll lose engagement on both fronts. 

You’ve already developed a brand book and marketing strategy, so it’s smart to keep your branding and strategy aligned in your consistent efforts. Here are 5 ways to keep your on-going cannabis dispensary marketing efforts consistent:

Plan Ahead 

Develop a clear marketing calendar that outlines your activities and campaigns over time.


Allocate time for regular content creation, social media posting, email/SMS marketing, and customer engagement.

Social Listening 

Monitor social media channels and customer feedback to stay responsive to their needs and sentiments.

Data Review 

Regularly analyze data from all of your marketing efforts to identify what’s working and what needs adjustment. 

Content Calibration 

Continuously dissect data and customer feedback to ensure your content, education, and product offerings remain in perfect sync with the ever-changing needs and desires of your audience.

We love to cross reference POS data with website, e-commerce, SEO, and social media data to not only make informed marketing decisions, but to also segment these audiences. It’s great to know if your biggest influx of new customer demographics are older or female, for example. 

Authenticity & Innovation in Cannabis Retail Marketing

The only way all of the above efforts are going to truly convert for you in the short-term (and long-term), is if your company is authentic and innovative in terms of its story, intentions, and engagements. The cannabis industry is filled with businesses that got in it only for the money. As states legalize, cannabis consumers become smarter about the quality of the products they purchase, and which dispensaries/brands they purchase them from.

Sometimes consumers only have a singular choice of purchasing from a large company with no passion for the cannabis industry. If folks have an option to shop from a locally-owned business — one that vets all of its products and is actively involved in the community — over a company who couldn’t care less, the consumer is going to choose that locally-owned company.

Here are 5 ways to be authentic and innovative in your efforts: 

  1. Branding
    • Craft a brand identity that resonates with your values and appeals to your target audience. Authenticity begins with a consistent and compelling brand image.
  2. Story Telling
    • Share your journey, values, and mission through engaging storytelling. A genuine narrative can forge strong connections with customers.
  3. Education 
    • Empower consumers with knowledge about your products, their benefits, and responsible usage. Education fosters trust and positions your business as a credible source.
  4. Push Boundaries 
    • Embrace creativity and innovation in your approach. Don’t be afraid to challenge norms and explore fresh ideas to capture attention.
  5. Product Due Diligence  
    • Thoroughly vet and curate your product offerings. Prioritize quality, safety, and transparency to build lasting customer loyalty.

By weaving these strategies into your approach, your cannabis business can thrive as an authentic and forward-thinking presence, setting itself apart in a competitive landscape.

PufCreativ: Here to Help Elevate Your Day-To-Day Cannabis Retail Marketing 

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis retail marketing, PufCreativ stands by your side every step of the way. We’re not just here to craft your awesome retail brand and give it a remarkable launch; we’re dedicated to driving your day-to-day marketing endeavors with precision and excellence, ensuring you connect with customers who will stay loyal for years, both in-store and online.

Let us be your partners in executing your creative and data-driven strategies, in full compliance, drawing upon our wealth of experience in the cannabis retail marketing realm. Elevate your cannabis marketing journey with PufCreativ – your trusted ally for success.

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* Please keep in mind: these strategies are subject to change from state-to-state depending on the state’s cannabis rules, regulations, and compliance guidelines.