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It’s a fact: there are many changing elements in today’s legal cannabis industry. One shared aspect is watching how states roll out legalization and regulation policies. 

It’s also no secret there is one state taking the cannabis market by storm: Michigan.  In the past two years since its recreational legalization, the state of Michigan has established great growth and success in many sectors. 

Keep reading as we recap some of the exciting things happening in the state’s rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry. 


Michigan Cannabis by the Numbers

Firstly, in the past two years alone, monumental growth and high consumer demand have put Michigan legal cannabis on the national map. 

In fact, incredibly, the state now has the third-largest legal cannabis market in the country!

Recreational cannabis sales in the state have doubled since last year, reaching $135 million. 

Combined with medical cannabis product sales, Michigan reached $168 million in total sales by December of last year. 

This is after a record-breaking tie with Illinois for $171 million monthly sales set in July of 2021. 

More specifically, amazingly last month Michigan broke the cannabis sales record again, reaching $195,000,000 in total sales. 

Additionally, $19.5 million was generated as excise tax revenue to improve roads, schools, and communities within the state. 

This new record may be thanks to the state’s price adjustment (Michigan’s average retail flower price per ounce dropped from $203.91 in 2021 to $123.54 in April of this year). 

This positively impacted the number of flower sales the state experienced, especially when considering that 4/20 was celebrated that month. 


Michigan’s CRA: Cannabis Regulatory Agency

Next, similar to many legal medical and adult-use states in the country, Michigan has created the Cannabis Regulatory Agency

This organization outlines regulations and guidelines for the state’s market. 

It was established to mandate a regulatory program that stimulates business growth and encourages consumer safety throughout the entire chain of custody for cannabis in the state.

The purpose of the state’s regulatory agency is to regulate the balance between the state’s adult-use establishments and licensees. 

This is following the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA) (the 2018 proposal that granted the personal possession and use of cannabis within the state for adults over the age of 21). 


Michigan’s Social Equity Program

Thirdly, Michigan’s social equity program is offered to encourage the involvement of people and communities that have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition and criminalization. 

The program directly lays out the qualifications and requirements for those interested. 

The state has established offers for individuals and establishments supporting social equity. 

This includes: up to 25% fee reduction for an individual residency in a disproportionately impacted community, and other reduction incentives on adult-use licensing fees. 


Always Thinking About the Environment

Furthermore, cannabis and hemp cultivation is expanding in the state. 

It is therefore important to consider the environmental impact these advances have been known to inflict. 

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has created several guidelines and regulations to aid in the understanding of the environmental impacts associated with cannabis. 

Via the Cannabis Regulatory Agency’s website – documents and outlines offer the best management practices for farmers and cultivators – guiding them through the necessary means to meet environmental compliance in their operations. 


The Challenges of Marijuana Advertising & Marketing in Michigan

Additionally, despite its legalization at the state level, dispensaries and brands are still struggling to reach wider audiences

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency has mandated specific instructions for brands looking to advertise their dispensary or products. 

For instance, any medical cannabis advertisements in the state of Michigan cannot target those under the age of 18 (and for recreationally, no one under the age of 21). 

More specifically, Michigan dispensaries must be sure that no more than 30% of the overall audience of the ad is younger than the ages of 18-21. 

Additionally, these advertisements must include a warning approved by the state’s agency. 

They should not include or support any health benefits or claims, and neither should any packaging or products themselves be directed or appealing to children.

However, the marketing challenges Michigan is facing are not rare. 

The other 38 legal (medical or adult-use) cannabis states are constantly forced to maneuver through the cannabis industry marketing obstacles that stand in the way. 


Highlighting Our Michigan Clients!

Savvy and forward thinking cannabis brands must continue to stay on their toes with the latest marketing trends. 

Our team at PufCreativ is beyond proud of the efforts we’ve contributed to our esteemed Michigan clients:  


The Fire Station is a dispensary in the Upper Peninsula. They offer top-quality cannabis products, and prices to fit everyone.

A long-time client of PufCreativ, our team has helped this Michigan-based dispensary navigate the world of SEO marketing, web design, and social media management. 

And Coming Soon: The Fire Station Mobile App – by PufCreativ!


Based in Sturgis, this cannabis dispensary has helped bring the golden standard of cannabis to the state of Michigan.

Ounces’ well-curated selection of products brings in a wide array of cannabis-loving consumers. 

They serve Southern Michigan and the surrounding areas. 

Our team has worked to produce blogs and marketing content to elevate their brand. 


As a vertically-integrated, small-batch craft cannabis dispensary, Indigrow proudly serves the Muskegon, Michigan area. They provide a purely unique cannabis experience.

Maintaining up to 150 plants at a time – this microbusiness works to grow, harvest, extract, and manufacture their cannabis products all under the same roof. 

We helped with their website, and are excited to also be working with them on ongoing services such as blogging & social media. 


Sozo’s carefully cultivated offerings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also some of the finest cannabis products that you’ll ever experience.

We love helping with their web design/development, and they are currently on our hosting program.


Heritage Provisioning are Michigan-based provisioning centers.

They specialize in offering high-quality cannabis products cultivated with home-grown values. 

We’re currently assisting them with our web design/dev services, and soon they will also be gaining the benefits of our SEO program. 


Green Koi is a medical and adult-use provisioning center in Douglas, MI.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on their brand messaging! 

We are also looking forward to diving into web, SEO, and social media services for them soon.


Achieve Greater Cannabis Marketing Heights with PufCreativ!

Among the many states thriving in legal cannabis, Michigan is one that is continuously making its way farther up the ranks. 

Are you a Michigan-based company looking for expert, award-winning creative assistance with your efforts? Connect with us, today!

At PufCreativ, we are dedicated to helping you navigate through the mysteries of cannabis marketing.


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