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It is finally 2020 – the start of a new decade, the beginning of a fresh new year brimming with endless possibilities inside the world of legal cannabis. The PufCreativ team is primed, stoked, and ready to tackle this year/decade with a progressive optimism regarding the imminent future and possibilities of alternate self-care. Our efforts up to this point have taken us through many journeys (both personal and professional), and we want to begin this new chapter by highlighting one of the most crucial aspects of the legal cannabis market: the Dispensary.

For those of us that are lucky enough to live in a legal state, they have become a symbol of America’s future. A beacon of salvation amidst a constant barrage of social (mis)information, political poison, and economic strife. The most direct way of providing a natural cure to those in need, the appearance of cannabis dispensaries has yielded many benefits apart from convenience. They’ve undoubtedly done their part to replace booze and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, here are some of our favorite “dispos” Denver has to offer:

terrapin care station denver dispensary

Terrapin Care Station

One of the oldest legal cannabis institutions in the Denver/Boulder area, Terrapin Care Station has become a premier destination for both medical and recreational cannabis. From its humble beginnings in an office park in South Boulder, TCS has since grown into a major force throughout the greater Denver area and has recently expanded its medical program to Pennsylvania, beating out over 180 applicants to gain a license in the state.

Terrapin Care Station specializes in providing its clients with unparalleled options for cannabis-based care in all forms — be sure to visit their website to find out about their rewards program and all the amazing money-saving special promotions they offer on a weekly basis. And, with five locations in the Denver/Boulder area (Folsom St, Manhattan Circle, Broadway, 33rd Ave, & Mississippi Ave), visiting TCS is a breeze no matter the traffic conditions.


Another of our favorite dispensaries, LiveGreen started out as the medical brand Patients Choice of Colorado in 2009 and has since developed into one of the best recreational cannabis spots in the Denver area. The attention to the quality of their cannabis is exceptional, and what you’ll get when you walk into their stores is a personalized experience designed to ensure your most optimal level of comfort and satisfaction.

LiveGreen’s dedicated budtenders “cut through the hype”, focusing on getting you the best possible options for self-care. While you’re there, be sure to check out their excellent selection of Pot Zero organic cannabis! LiveGreen is conveniently located in Edgewater – just outside of Denver.

Mile High Dispensary

Named after the city that’s famous for being 5,280 ft above sea level (Denver, of course), Mile High Dispensary continues to be a great choice for delicious medical/recreational cannabis offerings. Whether you’re in the mood to spark a joint of high-grade sativa, or looking to boost your arsenal with a hard-hitting vape cartridge, these guys/gals will certainly make sure you’re getting what you need.

In a big city full of many attractive options when it comes to choosing the right cannabis products for you, we recommend sticking with trusted brands, so be sure to check out Mile High Dispensary located on South Sheridan Blvd.

For Denver residents and for those visiting this great city alike, we hope you check out at least one (hopefully all) of the above-mentioned dispensaries. We promise you will not be disappointed. We hope you have a fruitful 2020 & as always stay tuned for more PufCreativ blog content!