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If you think basic marketing will make your brand a success, you need to think again. Not only do you need to incorporate a website, social media, email campaign, blogging, and search engine optimization into your marketing platform, but you need to be able to creatively distinguish your brand from your competitors to empower your cause.

What makes your brand different from your competition?

This is a question you need to ask yourself as soon as you decide to create your brand. Is your product cheaper? Are your services more extended? Are you faster? Being able to answer and explain these questions will give you an edge to your marketing platform. At the same time, this is just the start to your marketing journey.

How are you going to distinguish your brand?

Now you know what separates you from your competition, but how are you going to show the world that you’re better? As I mentioned previously, launching a website, being active on social media, regular email campaign, and building a blog are a great start, but not enough.

First, you need to establish who your target markets are. Once you’ve made this determination, you need to capture these targets through your creative marketing efforts. Ask yourself,”What do my targets want, need, and desire?” Once you are able to establish your audience, you need to ensure your website and blog are optimized for search.

Second, you need to fill your marketing assets with high resolution and quality content. You want people to associate your business as a premium brand. Your information needs to be distinct, factual, and right to the point. Your pictures and videos need to be high resolution so your efforts are engaging and visually appealing.

Third, you need to follow these four guidelines as the base to your platform. All successful modern marketing platforms are consistent, balanced, positive and engaging. If you are consistently active with a balance of positive content that is engaging, your marketing platform will be successful. But in order to take your brand to the next level and generate those revenue funnels you’ve always dreamed of, you need to take your things one step further.

What do we mean by Creative Marketing Strategy?

Now you know what distinguishes your brand from your competition, your marketing assets are in place, you’ve got high quality content, you’ve established who your target markets are, and you’ve developed a guideline for your platform. Next in the formula to success is your creative marketing strategy, and what we mean by this is up to you. Each individual is blessed with their own creative process. What’s yours? What do you have to offer to this world that makes you an individual? Who’s in your network that can help take your brand move forward? How can your individuality and brand coincide to resinate for your audience? These questions and creative realizations are something you really need to think about. How will your brand be noticed? How will your brand make a positive impact on a larger scale?

Be creative my friends, for the future holds an endless amount of possibilities.