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Cannabis Matters! What is the “Medical Marijuana & Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act”?

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From decades of widespread political propaganda, to the legendary Dennis Peron era and California’s Compassionate Use Act — legislative policy regarding medical marijuana has made monumental strides and shifts throughout the years. 

Yet among the many policies and regulations constructed and established in today’s legal cannabis industry, there’s one recently proposed bill that the PufCreativ team is particularly excited about: 

The U.S. House just passed the Medical Marijuana & Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act – encouraging scientists and researchers to conduct further studies on cannabis and major cannabinoids such as CBD. 

This proposed bill could make a huge wave in the rippling, yet uncharted waters of this industry! 


Breaking Down the Bill: What it Means for the Cannabis Industry

On July 26, lawmakers in the U.S. House shared a bipartisan vote to expand research opportunities for cannabis, which will now be proposed to the Senate for further consideration. 

Known as the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act, this bill was constructed to promote research on cannabis and its unknown, potential benefits (while removing FDA barriers) and establishing an application process for inquisitive researchers, doctors, and scientists. 

More specifically, the bill urges the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to require specific registration procedures in order for these researchers and practitioners to conduct cannabis research. 

This includes all manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or possessing of cannabis and cannabidiol permitted for further discovery.

Of the many primary sponsors who spoke out about their intent behind this proposed bill, Rep. Earl Blumenauer from Oregon emphasized the importance of fully studying the potential benefits of the cannabis plant: 

“At a time when there are four million registered medical marijuana patients and many more likely to self-medicate, it is crucial that researchers are able to fully study the health benefits of cannabis. 

For too long, the federal government has stood in the way of science and progress, creating barriers for researchers obtaining resources and approval to study cannabis. This bipartisan, bicameral legislation is an important first step to changing that.”

Additionally, this latest cannabis research expansion act reflects the Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act, which was filed by the Senate earlier in March of this year. This bill would encourage additional scientific and clinical research on medical marijuana and promote FDA-approved drugs derived from CBD and other cannabinoids.

Clearly, there are more and more legislative representatives urging what many of us have always believed to be important to cannabis culture and this newfound legal industry. 

Allowing the research on cannabis and cannabinoids could help us learn how to further benefit from what this incredible plant fully has to offer. 


Cannabis Research Matters!

This proposed bill for cannabis research impacts the cannabis industry from all angles. 

Considering the huge market of legal cannabis items out there today, there is still seemingly so much to more discover: 

  • Exploring Cannabinoids & Compounds 


The number of cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant alone is continuously increasing – cannabinoids and terpenes only skim the surface of the plethora of natural chemical compounds contained within! 

  • Improved Healing & Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis Medicine 


By lifting the FDA barriers on cannabis and permitting scientists and researchers to further explore the science and chemical composition of the plant, these newly discovered cannabinoids and compounds could offer potential therapeutic cures and remedies to patients in an assortment of ways. 

  • Stronger Connection Between Brands & Consumers 


With this newfound cannabis information and discovery on the rise, cannabis brands and companies can utilize the information to enhance the quality and efficacy of their products, while promoting awareness/education to targeted audiences. 

The power of knowledge is an essential and driving factor in the cannabis movement towards legalization. This medical marijuana & CBD expansion research act can fill in many of the empty gaps in the connection between cannabis and consumers (while breaking the negative stigma). 

This new proposed bill holds immense promise and hope for what the future of the legal medical cannabis market could look like. Not only would it deepen the roots of information and education we’ve established so far, but could continue to positively impact the health and lives of those in need. 


PufCreativ: Always Supporting the Furthering of Cannabis Research, Education, & Awareness

For decades, the U.S. has experienced huge ups and downs surrounding cannabis consumption and the public’s perspective, policy, and stigma.  

Looking back, in just one year alone, we’ve come a long way in the legal cannabis market. The Medical Marijuana & Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act holds the opportunity for cannabis science to empower and promote change within a booming industry. 

While the bill awaits a review from the U.S. Senate, you can directly help your cannabis community by staying connected with your local and state legislature on bill proposals surrounding medical cannabis research. 

At PufCreativ, we’re proud to work with clients and companies who promote the science and research surrounding cannabis and CBD to provide quality products/services to their communities. 

We are a creative cannabis marketing agency that works with clients who believe in the power of plant medicine and its accessible knowledge for all ~ Contact Us Today & Let’s Collab!