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Announcing Our Partnership with RMR for their 2nd Annual North American Weed Tour!


Things are certainly moving in hyper-speed over here in Puf World these days. We have got lots of exciting developments budding behind the scenes that we cannot wait to share with you as we move forward into this thrilling era of legal cannabis.

One of these amazing new developments is that we are beyond proud to announce that we are partnering with Respect My Region to be one of the sponsors of their 2nd Annual North American Weed Tour


About the Tour:

“The company will host 250 podcast episodes and Instagram Live Streams showcasing cannabis products, retailers, farms, labs, kitchens, ancillary services, and technology. 

From July 10 to December 15, 2022 — the North American Weed Tour will review 500+ products and showcase brands across every category in select recreational markets. 

Respect My Region will feature more than 100 industry leaders on the company’s YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch.”

(Throwing it back to the 2020 Tour!)


About Respect My Region:

“Since 2011, Respect My Region has provided a community-centric platform that connects real people to local culture. RMR is currently servicing music and cannabis markets in the United States and Canada. 

The brand offers custom content creation, marketing and management services, SEO, targeted advertising, influencer campaigns, event promotion, content distribution, and PR services.”


Media & PR Partners:


Stay Tuned for Much More PufCreativ News!

Can’t wait to find out more about what’s happening across the Puf Universe? We cannot blame you! 

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