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Why Are We Excited for Cannabis Marketing in New York State?

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When Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the legislation legalizing adult-use cannabis on March 31, 2021, a new era of social equity, reteaching and regrowth finally began.

“Wow. New York cannabis is going to be its own economy.”

                                               – Jim Belushi, actor-turned-cannabis grower & activist 

The above quote came from a recent tweet — and while it has been just a short amount of time since New York State legalized adult-use recreational marijuana, it underscores a crucial point within the greater context of prohibition and legalization — New York cannabis is here to stay. 

Years of draconian drug laws have devastated communities throughout New York City and throughout the rest of the state, crippling its citizens and creating lasting negative effects that are still felt generationally. When Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the legislation legalizing adult-use cannabis on March 31, 2021, a new era of social equity, reteaching and regrowth finally began. 

We’re thrilled to be a part of the revolution to end the stigma of cannabis! Keep reading as we detail exactly why we’re so excited for cannabis marketing in New York State. 

Increased Opportunity to Bring Natural Cannabis-Based Relief to Folks in Need

Above all else, we’re here to make the world a better place by doing our part in helping people find their own appropriate level of natural cannabis or hemp-based relief. With so many dangerous pharmaceuticals out there, we’re glad that the mainstream is finally waking up to the incredible possibilities of natural self-care. Therefore, any progress (especially something as huge as New York legalizing recreational marijuana) is thrilling for our team here at PufCreativ.

Benefits of Timely Legalization: Post-Covid Cannabis Industry Job Growth

For the past year, the Covid pandemic has been on the forefront of everyone’s minds, and as awful as things have been (and still are, in some places) on a global scale, with vaccines comes a new wave of hope. As we see commerce starting to open up once again, what better way to help spur business along than to legalize an industry that is expected to bring in a whopping $245 million annually by 2024?

This of course means more cannabis related jobs in facilities such as grow shops, grow ops, dispensaries, extraction and development facilities, cannabis tourism and more, with an opportunity to “create 30,000 to 60,000 new jobs across the State.” At PufCreativ, one of our philosophies is that tax revenue on its own is not a sufficient motivator – and so another reason why we’re so excited for cannabis marketing in NY is because it provides more opportunity for social equity, by promoting inclusivity within the legal cannabis workforce while attempting to right the wrongs of unjust incarceration.

Adult-Use Cannabis Tax Revenue:

All cannabis taxes will be deposited in the New York state cannabis revenue fund. Revenue covers reasonable costs to administer the program and implement the law. The remaining funding will be split three ways:

  • 40 Percent to Education
  • 40 Percent to Community Grants Reinvestment Fund
  • 20 Percent to Drug Treatment and Public Education Fund

Accelerated Social Equity Efforts

As mentioned above, the signed legislature already includes plans to address the crucial issue of social equity regarding criminal justice and record expungement:

The cannabis penalty framework will be restructured to avoid the criminalization seen in prohibition. Reduced penalties will be implemented for possession and sale.

  • Creates automatic expungement or resentencing for anyone with a previous marijuana conviction that would now be legal under the law and provides necessary funding
  • Adds cannabis to the clean indoor air act which establishes a baseline on where cannabis can be smoked or vaped
  • Municipalities and local governments are permitted to make laws that are more restrictive than the CIAA. Contains various provisions to ensure that cannabis is treated as a lawful substance and to prevent discriminatory enforcement

We’re certainly excited about the reformatted guidelines listed above, however, we’re hoping that as we get further into New York’s legal cannabis program we will see social equity being enforced in various more far-reaching ways. 

Choosing PufCreativ for Your New York Cannabis Marketing Needs

There are many reasons to choose our team at PufCreativ for your NY cannabis marketing needs, but perhaps the most important one for new businesses is that we have the necessary expertise to help you navigate the constantly-changing cannabis industry.

We provide guidance when it comes to knowing who to work with, understanding the industry, keeping up with contract changes, best practices, and much, much more. Our 4+ years in the industry, our extensive portfolio, and our ethics make us an ideal fit for your marketing needs, no matter your business type. 

Feeling “lost at sea”, adrift in the murky waters of the cannabis industry amidst an influx of inexperienced cannabis marketing agencies?  

Let PufCreativ light your way. 

If you’d like to learn more about our services, or to get started on a project — visit our Get Started Page or email