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PufCreativ has been working with Pot Zero for just over a year now. We initially started out just managing their social media profiles and creating content, which has now lead to a new website, monthly blogging and SEO. Not only are they an awesome cannabis digital marketing case study, but they also have the most unique, highest-quality cannabis in the world to prove it. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with owner and operator, Rob Trotter about his cannabis farm and his thoughts on the future of the cannabis industry.

Living Organic Marijuana Farming

Anyone lucky enough to visit Pot Zero’s TNT Ranch will undoubtedly be quite awestruck at the sheer beauty of the property. Magnificent fields and ponds lie beside a tree-flanked road that leads to Rob’s field of green; thousands of meticulously cared-for cannabis plants stand tall (some over 9 feet), basking in plentifully irrigated mountain spring water and receiving the direct rays of the sun. Speaking with Rob in the middle of his crafted green splendour is admittedly a bit surreal, but listening to him talk with such passion about organic cannabis cultivation is both refreshing and encouraging.

Everything Pot Zero uses for their cannabis is completely self-contained, sustainable, and each resource vital to creating great buds can be found on their property. Their “zero chemical and zero carbon footprint” model stretches from their water supply, to their energy sources, to their cattle and everything else. Their cultivars are carefully chosen to work with the unique climate of Gypsum, Colorado in order to produce the healthiest, most-effective option for self-care.

The Future of the Cannabis Industry

PufCreativ takes pride in working with trusted brands such as Pot Zero in order to really make a difference within the emerging legal cannabis sector. We fully believe in the healing, world-changing powers of cannabis and hemp, and by aligning ourselves with progressively minded companies we are certain that we’re making a tremendously positive mark on the planet.

The future of the cannabis industry is in the hands of those that are committed to health, education, and responsibility. By paying close attention to the products being manufactured, what kind of ingredients are being used, and the level of transparency available, we believe both consumers and brands will only continue to benefit in the foreseeable future. With people and brands such as Rob Trotter and Pot Zero constantly striving to be better, we feel increasingly optimistic about the Organic Future of the Cannabis Industry.

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