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Guest Blog: Learn Brands and PufCreativ Provide Empowerment for Cannabis Brands


2021 was a challenging year for citizens and businesses alike. But here at Learn Brands, we are always trying to find ways to stay positive and future-focused. Aside from being a healthy life philosophy, it’s also the way that we stay active and dedicated to always improving our offerings and seeking out new opportunities to build partnerships that benefit the amazing customers we’re so proud to work with.

As the provider of a university-grade learning management system specifically geared towards cannabis brands and vendors, we feel as though we maintain a pretty high set of standards in a space that is always growing and evolving.

From responsible vendor training courses to brand-specific education for budtenders to custom-built courses, we’re the premier provider of online cannabis education within the greater cannabis marketplace, and we know what it takes to supply the highest quality services for our customers in a compliant, dynamic, and creative way.

Sadly, educational and marketing services within the cannabis industry often don’t compare to many of their mainstream counterparts, but those mainstream companies don’t have the direct experience to operate effectively within the cannabis space. All of which tends to leave cannabis-based businesses in a tough spot. That’s why we get excited when we have the chance to work with other top-performing, proven partners in the industry.

In today’s blog, we’re exploring and celebrating our new partnership with PufCreativ as we work together to empower our current and future clients with the combined effects of a robust and powerful cannabis-specific educational platform and an awesome and established cannabis-specific marketing company.

Why We Chose PufCreativ

When it comes to internal training and education for basic cannabis knowledge, compliance, brand-specific courses, and custom-vendor modules, no one begins to compare with what we do at Learn Brands.

However, our online cannabis LMS doesn’t help cannabis brands with their educational needs and awareness on the consumer side of the equation, and we wanted a partner that we could confidently refer our clients to.

It wasn’t long into our conversations with PufCreativ that we realized this was the kind of team we were looking for, and here are some of the main reasons why:

Specialized Services For Cannabis Brands

While some mainstream marketing companies are more than happy to work with cannabis brands and vendors, the reality is that few — if any — are equipped, experienced, and in tune enough with the demands of the cannabis space to do much good.

PufCreativ doesn’t dilute their service pool with an extensive list of verticals — they are an established marketing agency that specializes in working exclusively with THC and CBD vendors, brands, suppliers, and more.

This kind of specialization is crucial in a marketing environment, but especially in one where regulation and compliance requirements currently vary state-by-state and in an industry that is growing and evolving at a breakneck pace.


An Award-Winning Partner

When we set out to explore the viability of partnering with cannabis-specific marketing agencies, we knew that we weren’t willing to settle for working with anyone that didn’t blow us away.

Not only did PufCreativ demonstrate incredible energy, impressive knowledge of strategy and tactics, and a diverse array of services, they had an award-winning pedigree that couldn’t be denied.

As the AdCann award winner for “Agency of The Year” two years running (2020, 2021), and being the driving force behind the award for “Marketing Campaign of the Year” (2021), there was no question that PufCreativ could back up their pitch with multiple examples and concrete evidence of success.

Add in the substantial number of case studies, design work, and marketing that they can share from their work with well-known cannabis brands, and our decision to work with them was made.

Undeniable Industry Experience

PufCreativ has been delivering elite marketing, design, SEO, and more to companies in the cannabis industry for five years, and while that may not sound like a long time, they were one of the longer-tenured cannabis-specific marketing agencies that we spoke with.

Many other agencies that could demonstrate longevity and a track record of marketing success weren’t laser-focused on the cannabis space in the way that PufCreativ is, and most of them simply couldn’t convince us that they could be the kind of creative partner that we felt our clients deserved access to.

One-Stop Shopping

Another important piece we considered when selecting PufCreativ as one of our marketing partners was their ability to provide for virtually every marketing-critical service for operators in the cannabis industry under one roof.

Cohesive marketing strategies and streamlined deployment are crucial to marketing success in any space, and effective interagency coordination is challenging at best. That’s why we were thrilled that PufCreativ’s extensive cannabis-specific marketing services list included:

  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • SMM
  • Web Design and Dev Work
  • App Design and Dev Work
  • SEO
  • E-Comm
  • Photography, Video, and Animation
  • Blog and Content Creation
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Sales Support
  • Consulting and Business Development
  • And Email Marketing

Opportunities For Both Customer Bases

Between the industry-specific experience, award-winning record, comprehensive service offerings, and our personal experiences in communicating with the team at PufCreativ, partnering with them for the benefit of our customers was a no-brainer. It was clear from early on in the process that this was a team of proven and dedicated individuals that possessed clear and tangible value as a referral partner.

Furthermore, we recognized that while PufCreativ had the marketing aspect of the business firmly secured, we could reciprocate a value for their current and future clients with our learning management platform through top-tier access to engaging and effective online learning and training. What’s not to like?

Learn More About Learn Brands

We encourage you to give PufCreativ serious consideration for your marketing needs, and we’re pretty confident that given the chance, they’ll impress you the same way they did us.

To learn more about how Learn Brands can augment your training for both employees and vendors of your products, contact us for a free demo of our cannabis LMS. It’s easy, fast, and will change the way you conduct training and education for your cannabis business and brand.

-The Learn Brands Team