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As the Gentlemen Smugglers brand was gearing up for launch, our team was thrilled and honored to be involved in helping to guide their amazing progress. In addition to executing their logo and branding design, we’ll also be working on their web design and development, their graphic design and product photography, as well as spearheading ongoing content creation efforts.

Logo Design & Brand Book

Due to their epic brand significance – for Gentlemen Smugglers, our team was asked to create a logo that evoked the timeless iconography of a rebel era. Subsequently, we created for them a brand book that described their incredible true story and future social equity intentions, therefore further underscoring the importance of this company to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond.

Packaging Design

After we worked on delivering their logo design and brand book, our expert team was also tasked with formulating the packaging design for the GS launch. Because there is an excellent variety of products to start with (in both indica and sativa options) – we had a lot of fun creating discreet tin container designs that evoked a classic, yet uniquely ‘outlaw’ feel.