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Announcing our Membership in the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB)

nacb national association cannabis businesses member

In PufCreativ news, we’re thrilled to announce our recently confirmed membership into the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) – an esteemed organization that is vital to the overall health of the rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry. As more states enact legislation that allows for adult-use recreational marijuana, there are many issues that arise (both positive and negative), and so having proper resources and social equity guidance at one’s side is crucial for businesses navigating this relatively fresh field. We’ve been sailing these rough waters for some time now and we can say that while there certainly are many brands operating in public-conscious ways, there is still a lot of work to be done. 

Our team cares deeply about health, safety and transparency when it comes to all aspects of the cannabis industry, our operations, and the social equity impact of our clients. Why choose to be a member of NACB? In this blog we’ll talk about the organization, what it is/does, and why it is so important for PufCreativ to bear their medallion. 

What is NACB?

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) was founded with a mission to shape the legal cannabis market into a safe, responsible and ethical industry:

  • NACB partners with subject matter experts as well as innovative, professional & trustworthy cannabis businesses/affiliates. 
  • The shared goal is to establish national standards and best practices, ensuring consumer safety and business responsibility. 
  • NACB Medallion brings the message home — to consumers, partners, prospective partners and regulators — that your operations are at the highest level of ethics/responsibility. 
  • NACB Certification displays that your brand is committed to lasting relationships & ethical business. 
  • One Membership serves All Sectors of the Cannabis Industry: Licensed Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Businesses’ Suppliers, Cannabis Industry Professionals, Hemp Business, and Cannabis Allies.
  • NACB is the only organization in the U.S. cannabis industry whose members are vetted as being responsible, trustworthy, and compliant. 

The Importance of Being NACB-Certified 

Having seen the good and the bad of the industry, our Puf team believes that it’s crucial to have set standards when it comes to the operations of prospective and currently-active businesses. For us, the existence of the NACB is an absolute necessity because it holds accountable anyone that is attempting to make waves within this industry. Progress and profit are great, but they need to be achieved with an adherence to responsibility, safety, health, and above all else, social equity. 

For us, the NACB medallion is a clear statement to our audience that we mean what we say, and say what we mean. This translates into our personal relationships, and the current and future relationships we aim to have with our clients. 

About the NACB Vetting Process

First and foremost, being a member makes you part of a distinguished, self-governing U.S. cannabis community, and so the NACB compliance team takes the vetting process very seriously to ensure the organization maintains its status as the national symbol of integrity for the industry. Therefore — businesses with criminal convictions for crimes of dishonesty & moral turpitude, civil liability for dishonesty (such as fraud or tax evasion), misrepresentation of licensure, credible complaints of dishonest business practices, or who knowingly provide false information in the applications, among other reasons — will be denied certification. 

PufCreativ, NACB & the Future of Social Equity

As the cannabis industry develops, we hope to continue our work with the NACB so that our company and our clients have the best possible resources in order to maintain the highest level of operations and social equity. Above all else, we believe in the power of the cannabis plant to force social change where it is needed the most, and we plan on being in this fight for the long haul. 


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