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12 Reasons To Vote PufCreativ Cannabis Marketing Agency of The Year

adcann awards 2020 cannabis marketing agency of the year

People always ask us, “Why a cloud?” (actually, no one asks us this) – so we felt obligated to share. Clouds are made up of tiny droplets of water; all living things need water to survive, so essentially, water is life. Clouds help transport water to different areas of our planet, constantly reminding us of how cyclical life itself can be. Just as in nature, humans must create their own alignment between certain systems to make our society harmonize in a cyclical way. That’s why the mission of PufCreativ is to harness the power of creativity, to fuel the systems of humans who are making our world a better place.

As crazy of a year 2020 has been, we’ve still been able to help continue this harmonious cycle. We’ve been honored to not only be nominated ADCANN’s “Agency of the Year,” but our CEO, John Shute, has also been nominated for “Marketer of the Year.” Here are 12 reasons why you should vote for PufCreativ and John:

  1. PufCreativ has assisted in raising over $200,000 for nonprofit and community organizations all over the United States through their Cannabis Doing Good program that John also co-founded. Their recent “CDG Gives” Covid-19 campaign raised $10k for the homeless, hungry and frontline workers in Colorado.
  2. PufCreativ has also assisted in the creation of the Cannabis Impact Fund 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This organization is focusing the next 12 months of funding and programming specifically on racial justice.
  3. Before the pandemic, PufCreativ hosted an annual event “A Night of Awareness” benefitting and raising awareness for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA). Spearheaded by John, that event has raised $8,500 thus far and the team is currently helping with the CCASA’s targeted advertising program.
  4. Over the past few years, we’ve been able to assist with some video editing and design projects for the Last Prisoner Project. After helping with a hefty video project for their 420 campaigns this past year, we’re now assisting with their social media management and content.
  5. In 2020 we started slowly assisting with the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) social media. As our relationship continues to blossom, we’re now working on their social media, SEO, and blog. Additionally, John is helping consult their marketing and advertising efforts for the recent release of their Social Equity Policy Guidelines and upcoming Social Equity Virtual Conference.
  6. John’s friend Vince founded The Wake Up Project in 2018, with a mission to create an open environment for people to speak up about suicide and mental illness while feeling safe about it. John did some consulting for Vince early on, which led to PufCreativ designing, developing and now hosting their website.
  7. Since PufCreativ has been founded, John and his team have also worked on John’s mothers foundation that benefits the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The Alesia Shute Foundation.
  8. In addition to the work PufCreativ executes for these programs above, we strive to work with clients who are ethical, as well as offer trusted products or services. We work best when knowing the work is for good people, who are passionate about cannabis and are not offering BS.
  9. Our team at PufCreativ consists of a bunch of kind and hardworking humans. We take pride in our work and only want to use it for good. The harmonious cycle we mentioned earlier in the blog is always in the back of our mind. In addition to our work, our team loves art, music, extreme sports and so much more. Learn more about us here!
  10. Over the past 4 years, we’ve been working on all types of B2B and B2C cannabis and hemp organization marketing projects – ranging from brands, manufacturers, consultants, other agencies, innovative accessories and more. John has been in cannabis marketing for 6 years, starting in cannabis contract manufacturing, B2B marketing, and cannabis product B2B and B2C marketing. A niche specific portfolio and experience is very valuable to any cannabis or hemp organization in 2020 and moving forward.
  11. Our future vision is that we’re just getting started. We’ve been able to do so many great things the past 4 years and only believe we will continue to do so while simultaneously getting better at our craft. We’re working on launching an internal online design program benefiting communities, nonprofits and other nonprofits through funding, awareness and solutions.
  12. The final reason to vote for us and our CEO is simply the fact that we were nominated for 2 categories. To us, this says that we have a great team and a great leader.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope this has encouraged you to vote!

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