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Influencer Marketing in 2019

In the past few years or so, you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzzword “Social Media Influencer,” but you might not have wondered about what it actually

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The PufNetwork

Since day one, PufCreativ has taken pride in and embraced our network. We utilize our network to set our clients up with awesome athletes, musicians,

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passionate marketing

What’s Your Passion?

 Before moving to Colorado and starting my company, PufCreativ, I was the Marketing and Operations Manager at Passion Nightclub in Hollywood, FL. It was

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Comfortably Uncomfortable

 No one likes feeling uncomfortable. That is especially true when you are in a professional situation, which can seems to magnify that uncomfortable feeling

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PufCreativ Today

My experience thus far as a Co-Founder of PufCreativ has been nothing short of interesting. Some days I can’t even believe we have come as

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Marketing and Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important factors for the success of any business, company, and organization. It’s also a key ingredient to a

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Cannabis and Marketing

Some may be scared to admit it, but cannabis plays a major role in modern marketing. A few of the most successful and innovative marketing platforms

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Social Media 101

Social Media is a key ingredient to a successful marketing platform. It gives you the power to engage with your customers and following, while simultaneously

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