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TikTok Social Media Marketing Specialists

Let our expert team of cannabis social media marketing specialists strategically manage, curate and elevate your TikTok account to help achieve your goals and increase your brand awareness.

TikTok can be a very effective tool in cannabis and CBD marketing along with other social media platforms. However TikTok has stricter community guidelines than other social media platforms. If you’re not careful, your videos will likely be removed if they include basic words and hashtags associated with cannabis (think weed, cannabis, stoned, etc.).

The key for cannabis brands and dispensaries on TikTok is to combine entertainment and education. If it’s right for your brand, skip the education part and just have fun joining in on the music and dance trends. Or, you can skip the entertainment part and focus on making cannabis education engaging.

Our team of creatives puts together an entire creative direction presentation and monthly calendar so you’re ahead of schedule, organized, and up-to-date every step of the way.

Why Should my B2B and/or B2C business utilize TikTok Social Media Specialists?

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Experienced Risk Analysis

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Years of Success in Cannabis & Hemp

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Customer Engagement

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Increase Website Traffic

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Enhance Your SEO

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Competitive Edge

Cannabis TikTok Case Study​

Thus far after choosing our services, we’ve helped Flkr rise to over 6,500 followers and a combined total of 114,000 likes.

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Cannabis TikTok Case Study​


Our Cannabis work has been so successful, verified TikTok accounts like Kyx want to work with us. Kyx is the Netflix of shoes basically. You rent $300-$2000 sneakers on a subscription and then send them back. We handle all of their TikTok videos and engagement. We’ve gotten them over 2 Million views this past year.

Let’s get started on growing your cannabis TikTok social media account today!

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