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Loyalty Onboarding

Let's Get Started

Next Steps

1. AIQ Credentials:

 Please add your designated PufCreativ loyalty email as an “Owner” in your AIQ account. This gives us the data access we need and the ability to refresh text assets.

2. Onboarding Introduction Call:

Reach out to schedule this meeting with us. This is a 30 minute call where we will meet the team members we will be coordinating with. We will go over weekly expectations and establish the cadence of your store’s communication with PufCreativ as well as when we will be sending campaigns.

Attach the email addresses of each team member that will be participating in this meeting:

3. Brand Assets

Please email us the following files if possible: 

  • Brand Guide
  • Logos 
  • Fonts
  • Graphics/icons/symbols/patterns
  • Images: photos of the stores exterior, interior, staff, satisfied customers, etc