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Web Design & Development

As a vegan cannabis edibles company located in California, Minerva wanted to create a brand that addressed the needs of a large market of current cannabis edibles consumers, while also appealing to new users through “microdosing.”


We landed on a clean logo design icon that is complimented by a custom font treatment that incorporates female characteristics into the design elements. We also helped develop the brand’s vibe, mission, vision, tagline and messaging, which can all be found in the brand book we created.

Packaging Design

In addition to creating the logo and branding for Minerva, we were also responsible for their edible packaging design. We had to adapt to the tin’s unique shape while keeping in mind the tins could be placed in different areas of California dispensaries. 

We delivered a bright and colorful design that makes a statement while showing praise to the brand guidelines we carefully curated. These tins and labels will stand out no matter where they are located in a cannabis dispensary, even if the lights are out!